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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th February 2021 Angoori tells Amaji about Vibhu being a Serpant and how kind he is, Amaji says good now be friends with him visit him with two bowls of milk, Angoori says he is so big will 2 bowls be sufficient how about a bucket, Amaji says he needs milk to drink and not bathe and 2 bowls is because one is for him and other for you and you two can bond, and dont tell Tiwari about this, Angoori says I wont and anyways he gets irritated seeing Vibhu.

Vibhu reading about snakes, Angoori calls him and says I hope I am not disturbing you, Vibhu says no you arent but I want you to keep disturbing me, Angoori says why will I, I have lot of work, anyways I want to give you a party and we will drink, Vibhu says I will require some snacks though, Angoori says snacks with milk, Vibhu says milk okay, get it at 11 PM. Angoori says okay.

Tiwari drinking,Vibhu walks to him, Tiwari gets scared, Vibhu says you look upset and hisses while talking, Tiwari gets more scared, Vibhu asks him why is he crying and he doesn’t see evil smile on Tiwari’s face, Tiwari says all good and fake smiles, Vibhu says so when are we going to Shambhu temple, Tiwari says we will we will now I have upset stomach do when I am fine we will go, Vibhu asks Tiwari to make him drink and on offering says theres no milk anyways I will manage.

TMT praying for Mani to get big, Tilu says we will have to pray with full devotion and slowly this Mani will become big, Malkan says i have decided I will ask for cycle with diamond bag, Tilu says I will ask for my salary, Teeka says I will ask for new bedroom and a wife,Tilu says all 4 in one bedroom, Teeka says only me and my wife will stay, Malkan says you forgot us, Tilu says if we three need to stay together we have to keep girls away, Teeka says I dont want to stay with you two, we will keep in touch, Tilu says such bad thoughts we wont allow you to marry, so we wont allow you to ask this wish, TMT get in argument.

Tiwari sees Angoori pouring milk in bowls and asks her who it is for, Angoori says for cat, Tiwari says what new nonsense is this, Angoori says its cat purnima, and then we dont have rats in house if we do so, okay I will go now, Tiwari asks where is cat, Angoori says I have to go out and call for cat, Tiwari says I have cats near shop I will give them, Angoori says we dont feed street cats I know few good ones will give them bye.
Tiwari finds it suspicious.

Angoori visits Vibhu, Vibhu walks to her hissing and performing Nagin Dance, Vibhu says to Angoori this is his true self, Tiwari sees them, Angoori says you look so good, Vibhu says on Naag Lok I am called Super Serpant they love my style, and all single Serpants die for my love but they dont know I am already taken, Angoori says here is milk I will join you too, Vibhu says wow its a milk party, Angoori says Anu isnt home and you must be feeling lonely so I got you milk.Vibhu starts drinking and asks it is tasting different, Vibhu asks Angoori to drink like snakes, Angoori does so and says ita difficult.

TMT praying for Mani to get bigger, Vibhu slowly sneaks it and replaces Mani with a bigger one and says open your eyes TMT look Mani has got bigger, TMT get happy and says thank you bhaiya, Vibhu says my name is Nagraj Zeharmendar dont call me bhaiya, Vibhu says now keep this Mani happy, Tilu says she has to keep us happy why us, Vibhu says you will keep her happy she will keep you happy in return, now donate everything of yours, just give it away, now give me 500₹ I will drink milk in name of you, Tilu says I have 10₹.

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Telecast Date:11th February 2021
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