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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th November 2022 Tiwari goes inside and slams into David. David asks Tiwari, what happened? Tiwari tells David that he’s under pressure. David tells Tiwari that he’s under pressure too. Tiwari says that he urgently needs to use toilet. David tells him to go, but use upstairs bathroom. Tiwari rushed towards it.

David sits on the sofa. Anu comes in and sits with him. Anu asks David if plumber has arrived? David asks Anu, what happened? Anu tells David that there is no water supply in the bathroom upstairs. Tiwari calls David from upstairs and tells him that there is no water in the bathroom. Anu stares at David.

Everyone in the modern colony has gathered at Tiwari’s house. Anu says if that if they all keeps on agreeing with letterman with his tasks, then this will never stop. Tiwari tells her, that why they all have gathered to find a solution. MasterJi says that he is terrified from him. Teeka says that he’s so scared that he even losing weight. Rusa also agrees with him. Tiwari he’s also getting nightmares.

David casually says that he has only got one letter from him. Anu tells Vibhu to make David shut. Vibhu tells David to shut up. Prem tells David that letterman is dangerous. Angoori says that there is no one in this colony who can confront that letterman. Anu also agrees with her and says that letterman is also a human. Angoori asks everyone is there any real man who can confront letterman?

Everyone starts watching each other. Vibhu says that there is only man in this room who can confront this! Angoori says that she already knew who likes to get himself in trouble, and always ready to take part in unnecessary acts. Angoori says that Vibhu will be the leader and will go on hunger strike.

Vibhu says, what!? Anu tells Angoori that Vibhu cannot do that. David tells Anu to let him do it. Everyone starts chanting Vibhu name. Vibhu gets up and grab a cup of tea and biscuit. Angoori takes it from him, and tells him that his hunger strikes starts now.

Everyone has gathered with Vibhu for his hunger strike. Tiwari announces that they have to stay together, and thanks Vibhu for doing this. Everyone starts clapping. Tiwari says that he will stand Vibhu till the end. Tiwari calls Anu on the stage to says few words for Vibhu. Anu greets everyone.

She tells everyone that she’s very proud of Vibhu for leading this. Anu says that Vibhu really likes to get in unnecessary work, but this time, she’s with him. Everyone starts clapping again. Anu requests Angoori to come on stage. Angoori gets up and announces that she supports Vibhu, and takes an oath that they won’t stop until they catch the letterman. Angoori starts chanting Vibhu name. Prem gets on the mic and says that he’s also with his friend Vibhu.

MasterJi gets on the mic and says, even though Vibhu doesn’t have any manners but he’s doing very positive work, so he’s with him. Dr. Gupta gets and says in the mic that he will treat Vibhu for free after this. Rusa also tells Vibhu she also supports him. Teeka and Tillu also agrees with him.

David also gets on the mic and announces that he always thought that Vibhu is useless and today, he’s being useful and says that he remembers a song for this. David starts singing song to appreciate Vibhu. Anu and Angoori also starts to sing. Vibhu also gets and goes upto the mic. Vibhu announces that he needs everyone’s support in this. Teeka and Tillu again starts shouting Vibhu’s name.

Vibhu tells them to shut up. Vibhu continues his speech. Everyone gets a letter from letterman. Vibhu doesn’t sees it and continues his speech. Everyone gets up and grabs a shoe in their hands. Vibhu is still doing his speech. Vibhu sees everyone grabbing shoes and gets scared, but still continues his speech.

Vibhu tells everyone to put one of their arm in the air. Everyone puts a shoe in their air. Vibhu sees them and scared. Vibhu asks, why is everyone grabbing a shoe? Vibhu gets a letter from letterman. Letterman tells him that every is going to beat him with their shoe. Everybody grabs Vibhu and starts smacking him with their shoes and slippers.

Dr. Gupta is his Vibhu’s bruises. Gupta tells Vibhu that he has got severe bruises and cuts. Tiwari asks Gupta, how many bone are broken? Gupta says, none we need to hit him with a wooden baton to break bone. Vibhu says that he’s giving ideas to letterman. Gupta takes out and injection and injects it in Vibhu.

David tells Vibhu to have courage, everything’s going to be alright in few minutes. Gupta says that nothing going to be alright because he gave diarrhoea injection to him and soon he has to go the bathroom. Anu gets angry and asks Gupta, why did he gave him that? Gupta tells her that letterman told him to do that. Tiwari tells Vibhu to make a big hole in the bed for easier access. Vibhu tells him to shut up and rushes to bathroom.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Letterman tells Angoori to tie Rakhi on Vibhu’s wrist. Vibhu gets scared.Anu is talking on her phone and Tiwari is dancing and singing around her.

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Telecast Date:10th November 2022
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