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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2022 Tiwari walks out of his house. Paper boy throw paper on his face. Tiwari shouts don’t you have manners. Paper boy says your money is pending from last 3 months send it or my boss won’t leave you and he go.

Tiwari reads the paper and see an article about Vibhu says why Vibhu’s photo is in paper and reads it says from the sources we got to know that infamous control killer is living in Kanpur, it’s been said that many ministers come to house and says this means Vibhu is a killer and Bhabhi is sharing same bedroom with a killer her life is in danger and get’s scared.

Anu stretching and see newspaper, she gets shocked after seeing Vibhu’s photo, an infamous killer is living in Kanpur for so many years and living a good life. Anu get’s scared says this means Vibhuti Mishra is Goli Mishra and I was living with contract killer and remember Vibhu was talking about killing phakta.

David walks to Anu with luggage says I’m going to my friends house. Anu stop him and says why you will go there. David says you told me last night that you are not my family. Anu says I apologise for that please don’t go, you are disrespecting me. David says I’m going. Anu show him newspaper and says after seeing this you won’t be able to go. David reads article says Vibhu is contract killer, now I cannot live for a minute in this house I’m going.

Master, Gupta, Prem, TMT reads the article about Vibhu. Prem says I won’t live now. Master says I think everyone will die. Tillu says first number is Prem. Teeka says you are right he will die first he made him trouble a lot. Malkhan says don’t talk nonsense.

Gupta ask Master how can we cure this. Prem mocks him on being doctor. Tillu says we are doomed. Master says can we file a case in police station. Prem says he carry law with him. Gupta says you are right Prem. Tillu says where we will go to save ourselves.

Tiwari in hall remembers what Vibhu told him last evening. Angoori walks to her with tea, she calls him and make a sound of gun. Tiwari gets scared and shouts at Angoori. Angoori says yesterday you we being strong now what hpa. Tiwari says Goli Mishra is a professional killer nothing works infront of him. Angoori says I told you yesterday about gun but you were saying it’s a toy. Tiwari says I didn’t know he is a killer.

Angoori ask do you have any enmity with Goli Mishra. Tiwari says no but he is very whimsical do you remember what he did to me when commissioner made him inspector. Angoori says I remember he use to arrest you a lot. Tiwari says do you think how bhabhiji will be handling this situation. Angoori says yes she is in danger, what should we do, let’s call Putin bhaiya, he will save you from Goli Mishra. Tiwari says but who will save me grom Putin. Angoori says I’m here.

David walks in house with luggage. Anu touch him David from back. David get’s scared and says don’t shoot. Anu ask where are you going. David says I’m going. Anu says you won’t go anywhere, are you taking revenge from me, why are you going out. David says you only told to leave this house in morning. Anu says I ask you to stay.

David says you said that for your benifit and they both start arguing. Vibhu walks to them and ask David aren’t you out till now. Anu says you won’t go anywhere and I felt bad for him that why I said yo him. Vibhu says you were in trouble because you were thinking why David is here, right. David says I’m leaving now. Vibhu says whole night you were asking David to leave and now you want him to stay. David says I’m leaving. Anu shouts no I swear if you go I’ll die. Vibhu in shock and says it’s sad.

Anu says he is like our father, he is old. David says you hurt my by saying old. Anu says you will not go. Vibhu shouts at David, she is accepting her fault go and sit I’ll get breakfast. Anu says it’s ready eat whatever you want. Vibhu says really well and ask for newspaper. Anu says you can read it later, it’s a request please have breakfast. Vibhu says why are you requesting me, order me I like that.

Anu scared order him to eat breakfast. Vibhu sit’s and says I’m impressed it’s and elaborate breakfast. Vibhu pass David some apples. David says jo you have it. Vibhu says I ask you to take a slice and see Anita’s hand are shaking says keep your coffee down or else you will spill. Vibhu ask David why are your hand shaking. David says because of AC. Vibhu says we don’t have AC here. David ask Anu why am I shaking. Anu says because you are old. Vibhu laugh at him.

Manohar walks in police station with his tiffin and says now I cannot handle this heat and reads newspaper. Manohar see Vibhu’s photo in paper and reads the article that he is Goli Mishra. Manohar get’s scared and says what I did by mistake I gave Vibhu’s photo to press. Happu walks in and call Manohar. Manohar get’s scared. Happu walks to him and ask him to bring tea and ask h is this today’s paper.

Happu see an hole in paper and ask him who tore this article. Manohar says now a days news stealer are increased they always steal hot news and print in there paper. Happu ask then why they will take risk of coming to police station. Manohar says you are right. Happu ask teek me who did it. Manohar says this can be mouse. Happu ask him is he having scissors in his mouth. Manohar says I’ll get tea for you.

Angoori in her kitchen cooking. Vibhu walks to her and greet her and ask what are you cooking. Angoori says I’m making butter scotch flavour custard. Vibhu says I love this flavour and how did you decide to make this for me. Angoori says I’m making for Tiwari because it’s her birthday and he love this flavour.

Vibhu says you never made for me anything. Angoori says don’t worry I’ll make one for you on your birthday but till that time you can have one which I have already prepared, here taste it and tell how it’s made.

Vibhu says it’s delicious. Tiwari walks to them and aks what is happening. Angoori wish him birthday and say I planned this surprise for you so have this Wakefields butterscotch flavored custard and tell me how it is. Vibhu mocks him and wish him happy birthday. Tiwari eats it and says this is so good you have magic in your hand. Angoori says it’s because of Wakefield custard and it’s whole family go to dessert.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari says to Anu make yourself free from Goli Mishra, should I talk to commissioner. Anu says in every newspaper this article is printed but still commissioner didn’t took any action, what are all these things pointing to. Tiwari says that he has hold of everything with him.

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