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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th August 2020 Tiwari calls Angoori says look Vibhu is here i saved him, Angoori says im so happy to see you, i was so upset for you, Vibhu says let it be, Angoori says im so soft hearted i cant see someones pain and when that kidnapper called me i was in so much pain, i also fasted, Tiwari says you are eating since morning, Angoori says this was different kind of fast, Vibhu will you have food, Vibhu denies, Tiwari says yes. Angoori leaves. Tiwari and Vibhu start crying.

Vibhu and Tiwari having drinks and upset over Angooris behaviour, Tiwari says she behaved so bad, Vibhu says i cant bear it too, Tiwari says those days when Angoori would do anything for me, Saxena walks to them, Vibhu says leave us alone, don’t poke us or else it would be bad, because we are in pain, Saxena says you have love in your life and it gives strength to swallow any pain, Vibhu says we both are depressed, Saxena says congratulations, i have solution for this its TMT company by tilu malkan teeka, they will help you cheer up and you will be out if depression, try it its from my personal experience, i guarantee you. Vibhu and Tiwari agree.

Tilu taking orders for their shows, Tilu says we charge 50,000 per show and if someone clicks photos we charge 1000 each. Teeka says its so exciting, Malkan says he is practicing how we will take orders, Saxena walks to them, Tilu says theres no single order, Saxena says i have good news for you, and in return you three will slap me hard, and the news is Tiwari and Vibhu are depressed and you two have to cheer them and perform for them. Boys slap him as promised.

Angoori calls Amaji, Angoori tells Amaji she isnt feeling good, she is happy that she taught them listen, but they both are very sad, Amaji says then cure their sadness, Angoori says okay will tell them truth and also give Tiwari money he will be very happy.

TMT performing for Tiwari and Vibhu in Mishra house, Saxena laughs along with boys on the jokes but Tiwari and Vibhu dont, Boys narrating jokes based on husband and Wife. Tiwari and Vibhu get angry over boys and ask them to get lost, boys ask for payment, Tiwari and Vibhu scold them, Angoori walks in and asks what all is this happening, Saxena says these two are depression, Vibhu and Tiwari blame her, Angoori asks what did i do, Tiwari says dont act innocent and says don’t you remember what you said to that kidnapper, Vibhu says you ill talked about me too, Angoori starts laughing, Tiwari asks why are you laughing and says this was prank, i was going to give you money but i heard you plan about kidnapping and so i planned this and played this prank, and says to Tiwari that i can never ill treat you, Vibhu asks what about me, Angoori says i heard you talk as well, so to teach you two a lesson. Vibhu says i knew it that she cant do it, Angoori says Tiwari that she is ready to give 1.5 Cr.

Tiwari gets call from lawyer mentioning that uncle has transferred that 2.5 Cr to his step son.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori says to Vibhu since child i wanted to fly. Anu says to Tiwari she wishes to fly. Saxena says i have worked in aeronautics.

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Telecast Date:10th August 2020
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