Beyhadh 2 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 2 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Beyhadh 2 Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 6th December 2019 Episode Start With Rudra walks to Rishi’s room and seeing him watching video on mobile asks what kind of video he is watching, checks his mobile and seeing him checking bracelets jokes if wants to wear bracelets like a girl, he doesn’t mind. Rishi says its for someone else. Rudra asks if he wants to gift 5-6 lakhs gift while he didn’t get him even a 5 rs gift till now. Rishi says he didn’t have to buy brother’s love. Rudra says the love which he has to buy is not love at all. Rishi jokes about Ananya and calls her bhabhi. Rudra says Ananya is his bestfriend and not girlfriend. Rishi continues joking and asks if he loves someone else. Rudra says him and tries to hug jokingly. Rishi runs away. Maya continues writing her book and writes memories are weird, sometimes they give smile and sometimes tears, but her fear is her weapon and with it, she will write such a story about Rishi and Rudra that world will shiver in fear.

In the morning, Ananya walks to Rudra’s house and asks Rishi where is Rudra, she came to wish him good luck for his new work. MJ asks which work. Ananya says new writer has signed with them. MJ asks who. Daadi walks in saying one who will give her prescription for headache. Rishi says it is hangover. Dadi says whether hangover or under, she needs it to stay with MJ like one needs sweet along with bitter gourd. MJ walks away. Rishi Antara asks her to stop it. Daadi says she is telling truth and asks where is Rudra.

Rudra reaches fish market where Maya calls her. He picks phone to call her. She reaches there, takes phone from him and drops it in water. He asks if she is crazy. She says if he has to spend 3 days with her, he has completely submit himself to her. He says will never. Maya says once he leaves, he cannot get back to her. Rudra reminisces telling Ananya that he will crack deal with Maya at any cost, so he returns to her. She says deal. He says deal is done with equal people and not one who tries to act superior. Maya say he is smarter than she thought. A lady hands over fish basket to him. Maya says she bought it for 3000 rs and he should sell it for 5000 rs at least. Rudra says he does not have much expertise in selling fishes, better he will sell her book. She says her book sells on her name. Ananya calls him. Maya picks phone. Rudra says someone told she doesn’t like distraction while working. Maya doesn’t pick call. Ananya tells Rishi that his brother has sold himself for 3 days and may not pick phone for 3 days. MJ hears that. Maya walks away thinking Rudra will be trapped easily. She then gets Rishi’s call, and caller ID shows it as chemist’s call.

Rishi gets ordered bracelet for Maya and tries it on Antara. Antara happily says she is happy that he is gifting her for the first time. He takes back bracelet and says it is for his friend. Antara tells MJ that his son has bought 5 lakhs worth bracelet for his friend. Rishi walks away silently. MJ says when son cannot make eye contact with father, it means someone else has entered in his life, he needs to know who it is.

Rudra sells fish for high price describing a love story to ladies in market and enacting fishes as characters. He then imagines Maya in fisher woman’s dress and gets nervous. MJ drops Ananya till her office and asks her to tell who is the new writer. Ananya says she cannot break her friend’s trust and walks away. MJ calls Amir and asks to find out who the new writer is as Ananya denied to reveal the name. Rudra knocks Maya’s car door and hands her over money saying money is more than she desired. She says it is less than her expectation, and whoever understand that expectation takes them till destiny will realize they cannot be destiny, etc.. She drives car away splashing dirt on him.

Rishi while having dinner sees making 30 missed call and 10 messages to Maya and hopes she has not alienated her. Family then sees news about MJ’s son Rudra selling fish in market and reporter commenting rich people’s unique taste. Rudra returns home speaking over phone and telling nobody should bother whether he sells fish or something else. MJ comments fish is tasty today, whoever got it didn’t forget Roy family’s taste. Rudra says he wants to forget his family lineage and he is not MJ’s son, family, business, etc., so he shouldn’t interfere in his life. Antara warns him to behave with his father in his house. Rudra says he is here because of Antara’s promise, else he would have left house long back. Daadi taunts Antara. Antara angrily switches of TV.

Maya’s aide informs her that Rudra’s news is viral. Maya chants shlokas. MJ tells Amir that Rishi has not bought gift for his friend and need to find out whom it is for. Amir asks to forget it. MJ says how can he when his one son is behind someone and another son has become someone’s puppet, Rudra is not acting self and he wants to know who is behind all this.


Beyhadh 2 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Rudra says Maya will kill him one day and plays fencing with Maya. Amir tells MJ that he will find out today who is behind all this. Maya rides worker’s lift at construction site and lift breaks down. Rudra jumps towards lift to save her.


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