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Beyhadh 2 31st January 2020 Written Episode , Beyhadh 2 Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Maya in Rishikesh waits for Rudra. Ananya pleads Rudra not to leave her as he promised to be with her always. Rudra says he cannot betray her and leave her in pain, if he marries her, he won’t be able to love her as his each heart beat and breath belongs to her. Ananya says he took wedding decision. He says sometimes they take decision to hide their feelings and get afraid, even he was afraid. Ananya asks to take the name who ruined her life.

Rudra says Maya and he has to go to her. Ananya says if he goes, their friendship and every relationship will end. Rudra says if he doesn’t go, he will end; kisses her forhead saying sorry and leaves. Downstairs, pandit asks to call bride and groom. Ananya walks down emotionless. Antara asks where is Rudra. Ananya says he went to her. Sudhir asks who is she. Ananya says Maya Jaisingh. Maya calls Rajiv and thanks him for risking his life for her and asks to take her mom to safe place. MJ asks Ananya if Maya Jaisingh is her writer. Sudhir says enough of his drama and his family’s drama and takes Ananya toward door when MJ pleads Ananya not to go as he fears Rudra will also be gone like Rishi.

Rudra reaches Rishikesh and searches Maya. Maya standing nearby says if one’s ashes are immersed in ganga, their soul gets moksha, she will give complete moksha to Rudra. Ananya informs MJ that Maya didn’t want her identity in public, she is the one behind Rudra fighting with MJ, Rudra went to her after Rishi’s death and she brainwashed Rudra till now. He asks where does she stay. She tells address. MJ reaches her house and doesn’t find anything there. Maya asks a vendor to give her black pearl necklace. Vendor says people don’t buy pearl if it it a bit black. Maya says black won’t change She buys white pearl necklace and paints it black. Rudra showing Maya’s pic asks vendor if he saw her. Vendor says she wanted black pearl necklace and looked insane. Rudra angrily holds his collar. Maya drops a pearl from necklace and says let us see how soon Rudra will find her.

MJ sees photo frame burning and shouts who is this Maya Jai Singh. Serial’s title track runs in the background. Maya continues dropping pearls on the way. Rudra finds them one by one and reaches Maya. He holds her face emotionally and tries to kiss her when MJ calls him. She acts as crying seeing MJ’s name and purposefully pushing Rudra’s mobile in water runs away thinking now his each step will be only for her. Rudra follows and catches her. She shouts leave him as she feels her heart is broken into 1000 pieces now and its impossible to rejoin them, stop showing him dreams.


Beyhadh 2 3rd February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rudra says the more she goes far away, the more closer he will come to her. He proposes her and marries her. While boating, she pushes him in water.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And sony Liv


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