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Beyhadh 2 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With Ananya celebrates with Champagne bottle and informs Roy family that Rishi joined Ruan publications as an intern and in fact did overtime today. Family rejoices and congratulates Rishi. Diya jokes how was his first day at job and what did he learn. Daadi jokes that one shouldn’t let old college friends in their lives, especially not after 30 years. Rishi asks what does she means. She says he should ask his parents, taunts Diya if she is right.

Rishi says he wanted to independently work and earn his own name. Rudra asks if he didn’t inform his girlfriend yet. Rishi nervously remembers Maya in Rudra’s office and tries to speak. Rudra sees Maya’s call, says he will speak to Rishi’s girlfriend and come. Ananya stops him from picking call and asks him to spend time with family. Maya angrily thinks Rishi didn’t do right by not picking her call and should wait for the consequences. Amir congratulates MJ that he bought Rajiv’s company shares and now his sons work for him unknowingly, so he won.

Rudra returns to Rishi congratulating him, but stops seeing MJ. MJ congratulates Rishi for starting a job and hopes he succeeds in his career. He thanks Antara for giving him both his strength and weakness, his sons. He then speaks to Rudra who calls him dad. MJ gets happy and says he felt good hearing dad from him. Rudra asks not to expect same repeatedly as he did it for Rishi. MJ thinks at least for Rishi he accepted him as dad and hopes he changes soon. Maya thinks MJ won this time, but it won’t last long. She burns Roy family’s pic.

Rudra returns to office in the morning and seeing peon carrying someone’s belongings in boxes asks whom did Ananya fire now. Peon says black dress madam/Maya. Rudra walks to Maya’s cabin and tries to stop her. Box falls down. Maya comments that he is same like his father. He angrily asks what does she know about his father. She says she knows his father well and is cancelling contract. Rudra saysshe can’t do that and asks her to be specific. Rajiv walks in with injured forehead followed by Rishi and Ananya. Rudra asks who did this. Maya reminisces herself breaking bottle on Rajiv’s forehead and says Rudra. He asks what rubbish. Maya says he was discussing with his father yesterday to buy Rajiv’s company shares, so he didn’t pick call. Ankit enters office speaking over phone with MJ updating him about Rishi. MJ says he wants to know what Rishi is doing. Ankit says Rudra and Rishi are very lucky to have a caring father. MJ says he is lucky to care for his sons. He hears Maya’s voice and asks who is that girl. Ankit returns to check. Maya says only Rudra knew that he can gain control over company by forcefully buying Rajiv’s company shares. Rudra asks why would he do that and he will confront MJ in front of her.

Ankit goes to check, but Rudra, Maya, and Rajiv walk away from behind. Rishi walks out with Ananya and asks Ankit what is he doing here. Ankit says he came to click selfies. Rishi says this is office and asks him to go now. MJ calls back and asks Ankit who was the girl. Ankit says Ananya didi. Antara gets coffee for MJ. MJ says he heard a girl’s voice in Rudra’s office which he feels he knows. Antara says he hears many girls’ voices, so he should relax as Rishi and Rudra are fine and Rudra called him dad yesterday. Rudra walks in angrily calling Mrityunjai Roy. MJ with Antara wlaks down. Rudra shouts to stop interfering in his life. MJ asks what happened. Rudra snaps fingers, and Rajiv walks in acting as severely injured with live camera on his coat. MJ tries to speak, but Rudra shouts to stop lying. Antara asks him to calm down as MJ cannot do that. MJ says he didn’t even touch Rajiv who himself came and offer him shares. Amir says MJ is right and warns Rajvi that he will not spare him. Rudra stops him and warns if something happens to Rajiv, he will not keep quiet. Maya watching live footage thinks Rudra will fight for her with MJ.


Beyhadh 2 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rudra challenges MJ to return his company within 2 hours, else he will go to court. MJ says he is challenging MJ and not his father. Rudra calls press conference and says his father betrayed him. MJ angrily breaks glass in his hand. Maya plays chess and says Rudra will fight for her and make her win.

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Telecast Date: 2nd January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv and Sony Liv


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