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Beyhadh 2 29th January 2020 Written Episode, Beyhadh 2 Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 29th January 2020 Episode Start With Ananya finds Rudra and Maya intimate in swimming pool and shouts at Rudra. Rudra gets conscious and tries to get out of swimming pool. Maya pulls him back. Ananya shouts what is she doing and asks him to get out. Maya applies haldi on Rudra’s scratch wounds and cheeks and says she gave him wounds and only she has right to apply medicine. She wipes her cheeck with his check applying haldi on her cheek. Ananya shouts at Rudra again to get out. Rudra gets out of swimming pool. Ananya wipes haldi from his cheeks and says these colors don’t look good on him. Maya says some colors don’t suit some and suit some, she likes only black color; congrats Ananya for her wedding. Ananya takes Rudra away. Maya thinks Rudra colored her in his color and its his first step towards death.

Ananya takes Rudra home and says she doesn’t care what justification he gives, he has to choose between partner or writer. She says she is sure Maya has hidden agenda and she is up to something, so he should promise her that he will not meet Maya. Rudra promises her. She says from today Maya’s chapter is closed.

Maya returns home. Mother seees haldi on her face and says it means even her wedding will happen soon. Maya says this haldi is Rudra’s and he is marrying his best friend Ananya. Mother says this can’t happen as Rudra is a good boy and made for Maya, he can take Maya out of darkness. Maya asks her to go and sleep as its late night. Mother says she thought they both love each other. Maya holding her mother tightly shouts she doesn’t have any place for love or Rudra in her life. Rajiv asks her to take it easy. Maya apologizes mother and walks to her room. Rajiv says looking at her behavior, there is a room for love. Maya says after 2 days, Rudra will not marry but die.

Diya takes Rudra to mehandi venue. Antara shows Rudra and Rishi’s named mehandi and says both are stars of her eyes. Rudra sits for mehandi when Maya calls him on his landline. He holds receiver and mehandi spreads on his hand, she pleads him to speak to her and come back to him. He says no as she plays with his feelings and life. She says she likes him and insists him to meet her once. He says no and disconnects call. Ananya hears their conversation on the other receiver. Maya waits for Rudra and hearing footsteps says thanks Rudra for coming. Ananya walks to her and says Rudra chose her and not Maya, so Maya should stop trying to trap Rudra as Rudra’s bestfriend is with him. Maya asks what about his love, does Rudra love Ananya. Ananya says Rudra is marrying her. Maya asks does she love her, a relationship becomes burden if there is no love in it, she will spend each night with Rudra like a burden. Ananya says she loves Rudra. Maya says she knows, but Ananya doesn’t respect even Rudra. Ananya asks what does she want. Maya says she wants to give wedding gift to her. Ananya walks away shouting shut up.. Maya fumes.

Rudra looking at his mehandi reminisces Maya’s words. Ananya walks in and cries hugging him. He asks what happened. She says Maya is insane. He asks if she met Maya after making him promise not to meet her. She says Maya is mentally unstable. He asks what did she say. Maya says Rudra did wrong by sending Ananya, now Ananya willdeliver her message to Rudra. Ananya says Maya was crying for her and told Rudra doesn’t love her and any relationship without love is useless and Maya cannot see her sad whole life, so she doesn’t want to come between them. Rudra says Maya didn’t harm her at all, then why she is worried. Ananya asks if he can do her a favor. She walks to parents with Rudra and says they both took a decision, they will marry tomorrow without any sangeet or cocktail party. Maya returns home and Rajiv showing her news on mobile says Rudra’s wedding preponed, its a nice game plan. Maya shouts breaking things that this is her life and Rudra cannot change from her carved plan. Mother rushes to her and asks what happened. Maya holding glass piece says she has to use mother to reach her destiny.


Beyhadh 2 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya tells her mother that she loves Rudra and cannot live without him. Rudra leaving his wedding rituals reaches Maya’s house where Maya’s mother informs that Maya loves him and left somewhere. Maya in hill station thinks Rudra has to come to her.

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Telecast Date: 29th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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