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Beyhadh 2 18th March 2020 Episode Start With Maya opens her eyes and catches a glimpse of Rudra. He does not see Maya though and leaves with Aamir. Vikram makes Maya rest on the bed. How could I let Rudra find you again? Problems would have surfaced again in your life if he had seen you. After all, I promised to always protect you! Flashback shows Vikram and Maya practising martial arts. He holds her by her neck lightly but she holds him tight and defeats him. He holds her hand as she tries to lift him. I lost my heart also. This defeat is such a small thing! Will you marry me and become Mrs. Maya Jai Singh? I promise I wont let any problem come to you. Will you be my princess? She keeps her hand in his happily. He hugs her. Flashback ends. Vikram says I trusted you a lot. I loved you with all my heart but you were playing games with me. You used me. Why, princess? Another flashback shows Maya and Vikram signing their marriage papers. He gives her their wedding gift – docs with her new name. She thanks him. Flashback ends. Vikram says my fear is enough for both of us. I will keep you safe always.

Aamir and Rudra are in the junkyard where they had found Maya’s car. Aamir tells him they are wasting their time here but Rudra refuses to leave until they find some clue. Sniffer dog finds a mobile phone. Aamir offers to find out who this phone belongs to.

Vikram opens a box and holds their wedding trousseau emotionally. Flashback shows him stepping out of the washroom on their wedding night but Maya had disappeared.

Next morning, Vikram says I have waited for us to become one since years. Now no one can stop us from coming together.

Rudra asks Aamir whose phone is it. Aamir says it belongs to some V Jai Singh. Rudra thinks of Maya’s full name.

Vikram wheels in Maya. She looks at his shoes in the shoe rack and then thinks of the shoes she had seen yesterday (Rudra’s). Do you have a pair of blue shoes? He denies. She does not tell him anything else.

Rudra tells Aamir he wants full details of this V Jai Singh.

Maya complains of a headache. Vikram assures her she will be fine. I am your medicine. We will once again make the memories which you have forgotten. She looks uncomfortable. He helps her sit on the bed. Let’s start from the beginning again. Will you be my princess again? She holds his hand. He kisses her hand and says I love you to her. He closes the room’s door from inside and leans closer for a kiss. Maya experiences some flashes again and pushes him. Please don’t do this. He says I am your husband. We have done this before. She says I don’t remember anything. He removes his specs. You can’t or you don’t want to? She tells him to understand. I need something. He gets angry and hits the door. I cannot wait anymore. How much more should I wait? I kept waiting for you to gain conscious. I wanted to be the first one you see when you open your eyes. I cannot wait anymore. I love you Maya. She tells him to let go of her. It is hurting. He tells her to understand that he is her husband. I have a right on you. She strangles him with one hand and holds his hand with her other hand. She lets go of him in shock. More flashes from her past haunt her. Vikram walks out of the room in a huff. Maya sits there shaken.

Rudra is looking at Rishi’s photo. I am sorry Bhai. MJ pats at his head. She fooled all of us. You are not at fault. Rudra says I am at fault. I was so blind in her love that I couldn’t see anything. I kept falling in her trap. You even showed me her photo but I chose to trust her. You told me that you doubt her yet I blamed you. I am sorry Dad. Now I wont give you a chance to complain Dad. I will kill Maya with my own hands. Rudra, who loved Maya, is dead. This Rudra wants to avenge his brother’s death. I will ask her the reason behind doing this once before killing her! MJ says no reason can be bigger than Rishi’s death. Rudra says it is Maya’s death. I wont be at peace till I kill yet but I will surely ask her why she did all this!

Maya wakes up and notices her room decorated with balloons. Vikram bursts a balloon to catch her attention. He holds the sorry note for her as he bursts many of them. Same sorry note falls from each balloon. He bursts the balloon hanging from the chandelier above her. Notes fall down. She picks them up. He says no apology would be enough for what I did. She explains that she just needs some time. I don’t know the Maya you love. I just need some time. He holds her hand. Take as much time as you want. My entire life is yours. She thanks him.

Rudra is looking at his notes. He looks intently at Rajeev. Aamir says I found out about V Jai Singh. Rudra asks him to come.


Beyhadh 2 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya tells Vikram to take her outside for some time if he really loves her. He actually takes her outside. Aamir tells Rudra he tried to find Maya but there is no news of her. Rudra says there is one place. He comes to the same place where Vikram has brought Maya. She watches his shoes hiding at a distance.

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Telecast Date: 18th March 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv and Sony Liv


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