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Beyhadh 2 13th January 2020 Episode Start With Rishi rushes to Maya’s apartment building and pleads her not to suicide and make any mistake. Maya standing on terrace says good he came and drops her sandal down. She goes into flashback where she tells Rudra that Ananya is perfect for him. He says that is why he chose Ananya and extends his hand, but draws back saying she doesn’t like shaking hands and walks away while she stands shedding tears. Serial’s title song plays in the background. She then wipes her hand.

MJ insists Rishi who is the girl and what she does. Rishi says Rudra is right that dad is selfish and is worried only about himself. MJ shouts Rishi. Rishi says he loves her/Maya immensely and can die for her. MJ slaps him and says without his permission he cannot do anything and warns him to dare not leave his room. Rishi shouts he doesn’t need anyone’s help, just go to hell. MJ locks door with keys. Amir informs him that Ankit is missing and his last call location was same place he asked to come. MJ says it is his mistake that he got so much busy in Rudra’s problems that he ignored Rishi.

Rudra returns home. Daadi shows him ring sample and asks if it is good for his wedding. He nods yes.
Diya asks where was the would groom instead of getting ready for engagement, they need to even select cloth colors. Ananya says not now, first she will speak to her would fiance. She takes him aside and asks why is so tensed, whom did he meet. He says he is fine. She takes him to a room and asks if he is unable to handle such spontaneous decisions, yesterday he proposed him and today they are getting engaged and warns that once they get engaged, she will not let anyone between them, not even him. Rudra hugs her and says nothing of that sort will happen.

Rishi over phone tells Maya that bhai/Rudra is right that dad is obsessed with himself and not worried about anyone else. Maya brainwashes him and blames Rudra for all the problem, says Rudra purposefully proposed Ananya when he doesn’t even love her and fixed engagement just next day, she is sure Rudra doesn’t want them to unite, it is her mistake that she loves him and will suicide to correct her mistake. Rishi shouts not to do anything. Rudra opens door and asks who locked him in. Rishi shouts at him that he purposefully proposed Ananya and fixed engagement today so that he shouldn’t inform dad about his girlfriend.

Rudra says he really doesn’t know what he is talking about. Rishi continues fighting and runs out of room. He reaches Maya’s building and requests her to tell where she is and not to suicide. Maya continues her emotional drama and drops her shoe towards him. Rishi loops up and seeing her standing near terrace wall runs up and pleads her to come down. She continues her emotional drama. He says dad is worried about himself and not bothered about him. Maya says his dad will be affected only if something happens to him, but nothing can happen to him, etc.. Rishi says exactly..she is right. Maya asks if he will show his dad that something can happen to him.

Maya grins and again acts. Rishi says he inform dad over phone. Maya says he has to do something physically to prove his dad. Rishi says she is right. Maya says his suicide drama, she doesn’t know if his dad will believe him like she believed foolishly; they have do something something..somethingg. Rsihi says real. Maya suggests him to slit his wrist a bit and let the blood flow, nothing will happen to him though, seeing his bad his dad will be affected. Rishi says she is right, if they can use fake blood instead of really slitting his wrist. Maya says fake is fake, but if he doesn’t want to do it, he can change the plan.

Rishi says he can do anything for him. Maya walks to her bag grinning and takes out knife. Rishi asks if she had already prepared. Maya says she wanted to suicide and send him that video. Rishi says she is totally insane. she hands him knife and he slits his wrist and hopes his plans works.


Beyhadh 2 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rishi panics feeling drowsy and pleads Maya to something. Maya says nothing will happen to him and reminisces losing her unborn baby.

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Telecast Date: 13th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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