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Beyhadh 2 11th March 2020 Episode Start With Maya pins Ananya and asks why did she befriend Rudra again. Anu says she needs to inform truth now and calls Rudra. Rudra walks to her asking what happened. Anu says Maya thinks she is scheming something and befriended Rudra again with a plan. Maya nervously says she didn’t mean it. Rudra says Anu is dumb and doesn’t know scheming. Antara gives divorce papers to MJ and documents to transfer 50% of his properties and lists them all. Maya picks big knife and wipes it. Rajiv says looks like she killed someone. Antara asks MJ if he wants to kill her. He asks if she wants to provoke him. She says he is intelligent. He asks if she wants to leave him, Mrs. MJ wants to drop his name. She says there is nothing to leave now as she already lost her Rishi, Rudra, her dignity, etc., reminiscing Maya’s words and there is nothing left to lose. He pulls her hair. She warns to leave her, else she will send some secret documents to Rudra and police which will harm him. MJ angrily pushes her away shouting you blo*dy demented woman. Antara says she wants to stay alone and he should send her belongings from his room, if she gets angry she will send papers to police. He sits fuming.

Maya points knife at Rajiv and pulling it away warns to stay away from Adi as he is not good. He says if she loves, its good, but if he loves, its bad. She gets angry. He says he has good news for her, Antara gave divorce papers to MJ. MAya says good, cat scratched at last, now its her surprise. MJ opens door hearing door bell and sees a basket with cat in it and a message from Maya. Maya calls him and says he likes wild cats, she made his pet cat as wild, did it scartch him. Cat scratches him. Rudra calls him, and she says she is coming. Maya walks to Rudra who remove pillow from his neckand says he doesn’t have to do this. He says he know she felt bad with cup cake issue as Anu ate whole cake. She says Anu is his best friend and is worried for him, so she gave him neck pillow. She throws pillow on him, he throws it back, he throws Ananya’s gifted pillow and she forcefully pulls it and tearing it asks not to inform Anu abou it, she will get new pillow for him. He asks who started pillow fight and gets romantic.

Next morning, MJ pampers his dog Sultan. Servant says Sultan didn’t eat anything since last night. MJ says he ate a lot last night reminiscing throwing Maya’s gifted cat in front of Sultan. He sees servant Yash smelling his perfume and asks why did he apply it. Antara walks to him and gives Yash’s belongings saying she told MJ that she wants to move from his room, waves Yash bye saying she was awake whole night. MJ stands fuming.

Anu tells Adi that they need to provoke Maya more. Adi says they need to wait for some more time. Anu asks till when, what if she harms Rudra. Adi says Maya has layers of secrets hidden with her and she may even harm them if she knows about their intention. Anu says they need to separate Rudra from Maya soon as she is worried for his safety.

Sudhir calls MJ and asks him if Antara’s phone is hacked as she is on dating website and is posting weird pics. MJ asks what is he doing there and shouts Antara is his wife. Sudhir asks to control her then instead of shouting at him. MJ disconnects call.

Rajiv congratulates Maya for changing Antara’s life and shows her Antara’s dating profile pics. Maya says Antara has changed completely. She gets nervous smelling MJ’s perfume and says its his perfume. He asks whose. Maya walks into Anu’s cabin. Anu says Rudra is in his cabin. Maya says she came to meet her and brought cupcakes for her.


Beyhadh 2 12th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Anntara walks to MJ and shouts how dare he is, she will expose him. Maya thinks now she will know who is enemy.

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Telecast Date: 11th March 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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