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Beyhadh 2 10th March 2020 Episode Start With Antara walking out of Maya’s house asks Maya if she will not come. Maya closes door on Antara’s face saying she will return to that house when it will be of Antara’s and not MJ’s; thinks she lied and truth is she hates Antara, she wants to create rift between 2 enemies, Maya is born because of women like Antara. She walks to cradle and emotionally address her dead baby that she will destroy her enemies and before holi she will fill their lives with darkness. Antara returns home. MJ shouts where is Rudra and pushing her down on ground shouts his son’s life is in danger. Amir lifts Antara and asks if she is fine and tries to control MJ. MJ shouts his wife is useless who cannot protect her son. Antara returns to her room reminiscing Maya’s words that MJ insulted her since 32 years and just uses her for his benefit.

Maya prepares cup cake for Rudra. Rajiv walks in saying Antara didn’t do anything and just walked into her room, tries to taste batter, but Maya stops him saying its only for Rudra. He asks what is in it. She says poison, then says her love; warns him to stay away from Adi. He says he wants to use Adi to know what is happening in MJ’s house. She warns that his trying will ruin her plan. Door bell rings. Maya opens door and seeing flowers thinks its Rudra. Adi peeps and says surprise, Anaya peeps next and says double surprise, Rudra peeps next and says thrible surprise. Maya fumes, but acting as smiling says she told friends are always needed. Rajiv takes flowers from Adi.

MJ tells Amir that Maya will harm Rudra. Antara wearing skimpy party dress walks in and says Maya will not as she loves Rudra a lot. MJ asks she came in these clothes just to inform this. She says she is going to party in which he is not invited. He says Rudra is staying with an insane person. Antara says even she is, pointing at MJ, and says there is nothing left in her life now, so better she enjoys parties. Once she leaves, Amir says bhabhi must have taken medicine again and will be fine soon. MJ smirks.

After dinner, Rajiv serves dessert to Anu and Adi. Rudra tries to pick dessert, but Rajiv says Maya has made special dessert for him. Maya serves him cheese cupcake and says its specially for only Rudra. Anu and Adi look at each other. Rudra’s neck pains. Anu says he left thermal pillow in office, so he brought it back for him, keeps behind his neck and says Maya need not worry about Rudra as she is there to take care of him. Adi watches Maya’s facial expression. Maya says her friendship is on one side and Maya’s love is on another side, nobody can take care of Rudra like her. Rudra tries to bite cupcake, Anu snatches from him and says she deserves it for taking care of him. Maya snatches it from her saying its only for Rudra. Anu says a friend deserves it more. Rudra gives it to her and she biting it says she remembers Rishi, last time they partied in this place itself with Rishi, even Maya was here playing truth or dare game, Rishi dared to hug her. Adi asks if Maya needs game to hug anyone. Maya excuses herself and walks in fuming.

MJ tells Amir that Antara didn’t take medicine, its all Manvi effect, Antara can be harmful to him in the future. Amir says Antara loves him a lot and will not harm him. MJ shouts everyone thinks he is wrong, if he is wrong, if worrying for son is wrong, Manvi played a good game. Amir says he is not.
Anu walks into washroom. Maya walks behind him and asks what is her intention behind befriending Rudra again. MJ reminisces Rishi’s lively nature, then Rudra bringing his dead body, rest of the incident till today and cries shouting Antara. Antara walks in asking if he had food. He asks to go away. She says she has special dish for him and shows divorce papers.


Beyhadh 2 11th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Antara asks MJ his company’s 50% shares. Maya laughs saying cat started scratching now.

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Telecast Date: 10th March 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv



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