Bepanah Pyaar 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bepanah Pyaar 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bepanah Pyaar Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 5th November 2019 Episode Start With guys on the table hit Raghbir’s ego. He joins them the very next second. You want to see my heart? The guy who had prompted him to join them asks him to place a big bet. You lost a lot last time. Are you ready to lose again? Raghbir keeps his watch and his car’s key on the table. They sum up to 1 crore. They place their bets. The guy tells Raghbir to think again. Raghbir asks them to show the cards. Raghbir wins the first round. The amount of the second round is doubled. Two of the guys pack up. Raghbir wins the second round as well. The guy signals the waiter before the third round. Raghbir wins yet again. Raghbir gets up to go but the first guy asks for one last game. We will be 10 crores.

Raghbir gives his card to the waiter to swipe but is informed that this is not his card limit. Raghbir bets 2 premium cars, a plot and all the money that he has won so far. The first guy speaks about Raghbir. Your eyes tell me that something is serious. Have you both parted ways? Raghbir tells him to mind his business. He is distracted by now though and thinks of Pragati. He loses the final round. The first guy laughs. I have everything. I proved you that you are not so good in business. Leave now. Raghbir says I will decide to leave, not you. The guy says you have nothing else to bet now. We always increase the bets. Raghbir says the bet will be of 80 crores now. I bet on my Chattarpur farmhouse.

Devraj receives a call from Mr. Singh and is shocked to hear him. 10 crores? He informs his family that someone debited 10 crores from the company account. It was a bar! Malhotra’s are shocked. Two guys come to take the cars. They tell Malhotra family that Raghbir has lost all the cars in the bet. Nakul challenges them but gets beaten instead. Gopi calls police but the guys aren’t bothered. Call anyone but your son will very soon lose the farmhouse too! You will also lose the house if that game continues! Malhotra family looks at them helplessly. Aditi speaks against Pragati.

Raghbir increases the bet amount after seeing his cards. He is about to show them when Pragati holds his hand. He stands up. I told you not to come in front of me again. She says I had to come in front of you as this is my money which you are putting at stake. He tells her to lecture someone else. Pragati cancels the bet being his wife. Raghbir tells her not to mess up his game as they aren’t related anymore. The first guy asks Pragati to be with him. I have enough money. I will take care of you. Raghbir holds him by his collar. I will celebrate Dussehra right now if you utter another word! Pragati thinks of how he had tried to break relation with her lately. Raghbir beats the guys one by one. Pragati tells him not to fight but in vain. A guy stabs him. Pragati asks Raghbir if he is hurt. Raghbir says the pain isn’t more than what you have given to me. She says why you try to save me when you hate me so much. He tells her not to misunderstand him. I am just proving my hatred to you! He walks away in a huff. She says there is love hidden behind your anger too.

Devraj says manager said he has started for home. Raghbir enters just then. He tells his family to relax. I am not drunk. Devraj tells Raghbir that all the cars that he had lost in his gamble are gone now. Raghbir says they are quite fast. I am sorry. I lost my cool. Harshit asks him if he still has farmhouse or not. Raghbir nods. Aditi says let’s celebrate as he saved the farmhouse and lost 10 crores. Raghbir apologizes to her. She asks him if he will give pain to them because of Pragati. Kunti asks Harshit if he has called the cab. Raghbir notices her bag. What is this? Kunti says I am leaving the house. She again asks Harshit if he has made arrangement for her stay. He nods. Raghbir tells Kunti not to leave. Kunti says I was the one who brought Pragati close to you. You are in this condition because of me! I am leaving. He tells her against it. She says I never thought that you will be in this condition because of her. I cannot see you like this! Please don’t stop me. He kneels down in front of her requesting her not to leave. I have lost a lot in life already. I cannot lose you. I will do as you say. I wont give anyone a chance to complain. Please don’t leave me. Punish me or beat me if you want to but I wont be able to live without you. She agrees to stay back but keeps a condition before Raghbir. You will throw Pragati out of your mind and heart! Just think that you don’t know either Baani or Pragati. You will never drink or gamble. You will look after yourself and your family only. Will you be able to do it? He accepts her condition as a vow. She hugs him. I love you very much my son! Shalu says you are our biggest wealth. We can start a new life today if only you would want that. Kunti says I will die without you. Raghbir says me too. Kunti smirks.


Bepanah Pyaar 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati shows legal papers to Malhotra family. This house is in my name as well so no one can throw me out of this house!


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