Bepanah Pyaar 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bepanah Pyaar 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bepanah Pyaar Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 4th November 2019 Episode Start WithRaghbir comes to his room and looks at his and Pragati’s photo. Her words echo in her head. Sad song plays. Pragati’s words haunt him. He drops one photo on the floor and tears the smaller one into two pieces separating him from Pragati. All the past memories flash before his eyes. He empties an entire photo album.

Kunti says she was asking for her share in our company. Harshit tells her not to worry. Raghbir wont give her a penny. Kunti says she wasn’t asking but telling us that she has more than 50% right on this house and property. I am sure she will come back here! Harshit is sure Raghbir’s anger is more than her. She will have to go through a lot if she will come back. Kunti seconds him. We will compel her to leave the house if that happens! We must not let Raghbir become weak in front of her. Harshit nods.

Raghbir sets fire to the photos. Kunti looks at him from the door. We will continue to add fuel to the fire! Just keep going. He is about to take a sip from the flash when Kunti holds his hand. I wont let you drink because of that girl. She has given enough pain to you but not anymore! You ran to the pyre like a crazy guy and tried to move aside the wooden logs when you thought it was Pragati but that girl is bent upon destroying you! Come to your senses. She has her eyes on the house and family now. Such girls don’t love anyone. They only do business. Think about your family. How could you forget the guy with whom Pragati had left? People who lend you their hands are friends but those who lend you their shoulders are actually lovers! Pragati does not love you. She loves your property which is why she wants to come back. Now you must only think about your family. She should never come here! It is very important to keep her away from this house. I am certain she will come! Raghbir says she wont. It will become the biggest mistake of her life in case she actually comes! Kunti smirks.

Pragati is crying thinking about Raghbir’s words / vows. Sahas tells her to stop crying. You need to practise before becoming Master blaster. Couldn’t you tell me before calling me to pick you up? Am I your friend or driver? She asks him if he had let her go if she had told him the plan. You only told me to speak to Raghbir! He says I told you tell him the truth. Sorry. I dint know he is still the same like before. Forget Raghbir. Neither he nor that house is yours anymore. She declines. It is his anger. It will go away one day. I have seen his love. I cannot stay here till then. I must stay with that family. He asks for the reason. She says I must stay with Raghbir as his life is (in danger). She stops mid sentence. She decides against telling him the truth. I need to be with him to make him understand something. For that, I must stay near him. Sahas says I had heard that people become stubborn in love. I saw that today. She says I don’t want to die but live in love. I want to do something for my love. He has seen my simplicity till date but now he will see my stubbornness.

Priya tells Pragati’s truth to Dev. He suggests her to speak to her about what is going on in her mind. She might have some reason. He receives a call but she throws it aside. They argue over it. He says sorry to her. You also dint do the right thing by ending that call. We would have married off grandly if this deal had been closed! She apologizes to him too but he walks away.

Pragati does puja. I must go back to that house and win Raghbir’s trust to defeat Badi Ma and gain Raghbir’s love. He has reversed his vows. Now I must take the wrong path to bring him to the right path. You have shown me the path so you must give me strength now.

Raghbir is driving aimlessly while thinking about Kunti’s words about the other guy and how Pragati is after his property. He is passing through the temple area when Pragati comes in his way. He asks her if she thinks he does not understand what she is up to. She replies that he was driving rashly. Tell me what you think I am doing. He tells her he wont let her come to his house ever. She reasons that his house belongs to her just as much as it belongs to him. He tells her he wont let it happen. I wont bear it if you try to hurt my family. You will see my worst side then! she tells him to think whatever he wants to. I am not afraid of anyone now as they know my truth. Believe me, you wont be able to do anything. I am ready for this fight!

Raghbir is drinking in a bar. A few guys decide to include Raghbir in the game so they can earn some money. One of the guys knows him well and decide to tempt him by hitting on his ego. His trick works in no time. Raghbir joins their table.


Bepanah Pyaar 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghbir beats the guy. Pragati tells him not to fight. A guy stabs him. Pragati asks Raghbir if he is hurt. Raghbir says it isn’t more than the pain that you have given to me. Later, Devraj tells Raghbir that all the cars that he had lost in his gamble are gone now. Kunti makes Raghbir swear upon her. Promise me that you will throw Pragati out of your mind and heart!


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