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Bepanah Pyaar 3rd January 2020 Written Episode , Bepanah Pyaar Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 3rd January 2020 Episode Start With Raghbir hesitantly extends his hand towards Pragati. Nazdeekiyan song plays. Kunti notices Sahas’s expressions. Raghbir and Pragati dance romantically and get lost in each other. The claps break their reverie. Pragati heads upstairs. Sahas looks unhappy.

Pragati comes near the pool and smiles shyly. Raghbir follows her. He hugs her from behind. I dint know you are such a good dancer. She says even I dint know. I don’t know how I became one. He kisses her hair sweetly and pushes her hair aside. She tries to walk away feeling shy but he holds her close. They share some cute, romantic moments. Someone is watching them. Pragati makes Raghbir close his eyes. She leans closer for a kiss but they hear someone making an announcement on mike just then and are taken aback. Raghbir makes a face.

Dev addresses everyone. He says we bite our tongues when we lie. He says I love you Priya but smiles. I dint lie so I am fine. I am sorry for not meeting your expectations. I am sure no man here would have been able to do it for their wives and must have apologized to them some day. Raghbir nods. Dev apologizes to Priya. I will keep you happy forever. I wont let you cry ever. I really love you. Priya tries to walk away but Nivi assures her that there is nothing between her and Dev. He is just my very good friend. I am getting married next month and I have come to invite you both to my wedding. Priya hugs Dev. A client asks Raghbir to celebrate with a dance.

He happily agrees. All the couples go on the floor. Aditi pulls Pragati for a dance as well. Someone (a hoodie guy) is also present nearby. Raghbir joins Pragati for the dance. Even Sahas steps in but Raghbir dances around her to keep Sahas at bay. He does not let Pragati dance with Sahas at all. Shefali is near the bar. Raghav holds her hand and takes her with him. he pins her to the wall. She demands to know who he is and he removes his mask. He reminds her of what she had said the other day in college. Your face something else. She tries to leave but he keeps pulling her back. You love me right?

Raghbir hits him. pragati holds Shefali while Raghbir beats Raghav. How dare you touch my sister? Raghav says she loves me. Shefali shouts I hate you Raghav. Raghbir asks him if he heard her. Nakul tells Raghbir to break his bones. Raghbir pushes Raghav out of the party. I would have killed you if you weren’t my client’s son! stay away from my sister. Kunti also tells him to stay away from Shefali. Raghbir asks Shefali if she is fine. She nods. Priya is taking Shefali to her room when Pragati asks her about Raghav. I will tell everyone about him. he is the one who came to the party; misbehaved with you and tried to disturb you and succeeded. He has left now. Everyone present in the room loves and cares for you. They want to see you happy. Think only about them. How will the New Year be good if you will sit alone in the room and cry?

Celebrate it with those who love you. Shefali nods. She wipes her tears. Bhabhi is right. I will welcome New Year with a smile. Raghbir tells everyone to welcome New Year in Malhotra style. Couple dance again on another romantic song. Raghbir looks at Pragati and the clock. They both walk towards each other. Raghbir tells Pragati he wants to give her something. Lights go off. Someone pulls Pragati’s hand. She goes missing by the time Raghbir turns in her direction. Sahas puts a necklace around her neck and asks her if she liked it. She turns around and is shocked to see Sahas. She notices Raghbir standing outside the door watching them. Raghbir looks at the necklace in his hand unhappily. Kunti smirks. Flashback shows Kunti overhearing Raghbir’s plan and telling Sahas to make Pragati wear a necklace before Raghbir. Raghbir walks away. Pragati asks Sahas what this is. He calls it a gift. Give it to me if you don’t like it. She goes after Raghbir. Sahas walks up to the window where Kunti is. They shake hands happily.


Bepanah Pyaar 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati feels someone’s presence in the office and gets scared. She sits in the car hurriedly. Someone points a gun at her.

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Telecast Date: 3rd January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv and Voot


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