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Bepanah Pyaar 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Aditi greets Pragati as she returns home. She was concerned about her injured forehead and asks if she told Raghbir. Kunti says Raghbir must be in meeting, it’s a minor injury only. Sahas comes there and says they need to provide first aid. Aditi goes to bring milk turmeric. Sahas says the deal was about threatening Pragati, not hurting her. Kunti says it’s alright if Pragati is a little hurt, if he wish to achieve is goal.

Sahas applies bandage on Pragati’s forehead. He inquires what the real reason of this injury is. Pragati tells Sahas about the biker. Raghbir says if Pragati still wants to stay here. Pragati says she can’t leave Raghbir’s love only because Kunti and Harshit do not want so. Sahas was furious that she never thinks about herself and only cares for Raghbir. He controls himself and qualifies that its only because he is concerned for her life that he said so. Pragati thinks she can’t message Raghbir because he would otherwise leave the meeting and come back. She takes the medicine and lay down to sleep. Aditi brings turmeric milk for Pragati and smiles that it seems she fall asleep because of pain killer. Pragati’s phone bell rings. Aditi takes her cell phone as she speaks to Raghbir. Sahas smirks as he stood outside Pragati’s room.

Later, Pragati wakes up as Raghbir place a hand over her head. Raghbir asks why she didn’t tell him about her injury. She didn’t reply to his messages and calls, his mom told him that she fall down. Pragati says it was only a stone, and she slipped hitting it. She hugs Raghbir and says he will have to leave the room now. Afterwards, Pragati feels guilty of lying. There was a knock at the door once again. It was Kunti this time. She pushes Pragati inside and locks the door from inside. Kunti asks Pragati if she felt she didn’t know Pragati and Raghbir were with each other. She won’t let Pragati stay here for long. She pushes Pragati, threatening her and clutching her neck in spite of Pragati’s resistance. She forcefully taps Pragati’s head with a wall, and clutches her neck tightly in an attempt to kill her.

Outside in the hall everyone hear Kunti’s cries as she calls for help. She had beaten her head with the wall to make it bleed. She runs to the hall and cries in front of Raghbir that Pragati attempted to kill her. Raghbir wonders why Pragati would want to hurt her. She tells Raghbir that Pragati wants to revenge her, she banged her head with the wall. Pragati comes defensively. Devraj also questions Pragati. Raghbir also asks Pragati what had happened. Kunti wonders why Raghbir didn’t slap Pragati till now. Raghbir shouts at Pragati to tell him what had happened. Pragati replies she won’t. She will show them instead.

Pragati goes upstairs and brings down her laptop. She plays a recording from her cell phone. She says she was terrified of kidnapping and installed CCTV cameras in her room. Now this footage will tell everyone what happened there. She plays the recording. Everyone was shocked to see Kunti physically harass Pragati, then banging her own head on the wall. Pragati now blames Kunti that Bari Maa deliberately hurt herself and accused her. Aditi curtly says everyone must have known about her fake drama, this CCTV shows she hates Pragati so much that she can even kill her. Pragati tells the family that this is not the whole truth. She later realized that Kunti isn’t bad at heart. She spent a whole year in mental asylum because she suffers a mental problem. Aditi agrees. Pragati convinces Raghbir to take Kunti to her psychiatrist, and there is nothing wrong even if she has so stay there for a few months. Devraj says this is extremely serious, she tried to kill Pragati and herself. Kunti wasn’t ready and blames them for being mentally ill instead. She convinces Raghbir that she isn’t ill. Raghbir agrees while everyone giving her the space. Kunti goes upstairs, shouting she isn’t mentally ill. Pragati says what if Kunti gets an attack. She requests Sahas to give an injection so that she can sleep well.


Bepanah Pyaar 3rd February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : The doctor in the asylum prescribe that Kunti must be admitted immediately. Harshit recognizes and whispers to Sahas that this isn’t the doctor who treated her. Sahas says Pragati must have changed the doctor. Pragati hugs Kunti and says she won’t let Kunti come out of asylum again.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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