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Bepanah Pyaar 29th January 2020 Written Episode, Bepanah Pyaar Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 29th January 2020 Episode Start With Harshit speaks to Sahas on phone that Raghbir left with Pragati for lunch. Sahas says this means both are in Noida. Kunti tells Harshit that Pragati and Raghbir together will be a hurdle in their goal. They can’t let it happen.

In the fair, Pragati hides from Raghbir, teasing him. She was hiding behind a stall. Raghbir partakes her and appears from behind Pragati. She says if he can’t stay away from her even for five minutes. Raghbir says even five seconds is difficult. They spot a potter. Raghbir takes his permission to help him. Both playfully ruin their hands in the raw wet clay. Raghbir presents a clay pot to Pragati. Later, both use a water cooler to wash hands and share the same handkerchief. They now walk hand in hand with each other. Pragati was in a deep thought and wonders if he weren’t fated to meet, they could have overlooked each other in the huge crowd. Raghbir takes it on a lighter note that none can overlook a personality like his. Pragati boasts about being more attractive, as even Raghbir came behind her. She was boastful that it isn’t easy to impress her even today. They decide to play a game where Shiv will act at Aman and has to impress Pragati acting as Sheena.

Pragati was at a jewellry stall. A man comes there flirting and offering to purchase it for her. Pragati replies she can buy it herself. Raghbir comes mocking Shahrukh Khan. He says surely Pragati can buy anything and Raghbir is always ready to be sold, she looks terribly beautiful. Pragati demands to hear something new. Raghbir asks her to select a color of bangles from the stand. He continues, her deep eyes speaks volumes, her pretty face is capable of hypnotizing any person; those who wish for her may be thousands in number but he was able to hold her hand, and his hear now races. Pragati was unimpressed as these are only old dialogues. Raghbir holds Pragati by her waist and asks if this would work. A group of young men reach there and Pragati let them take Raghbir, blaming him of harassment. She then goes to save Raghbir and explains that Raghbir is her husband.

Sahas reaches Noida but it was close. He reads a board of Carnival nearby and thinks Pragati likes Carnivals a lot.

Pragati starts crying while they were walking together now. Raghbir was concerned. Pragati says she is happy that they are together, but is afraid what if it doesn’t last for long. Raghbir says they, and not their future will decide if they will end up together or not. Pragati spots a Tarot-card reader and insists on him to go and find their fate. Raghbir didn’t believe. In the stall, no one was inside. Raghbir turns to leave. A lady appears saying, those who run from future get stalked by future itself. She says a lot of Pragati’s problems are connected to this man. Raghbir was unconvinced and says he is her husband and there are problems in every couple’s life. He turns to leave. The lady says Pragati must not have defeated death if they hadn’t been fated together. She asks Pragati to pick any three of the cards in front of her.

Sahas was on his way to the carnival.

The lady reads the choices. She says their love is intense and deep, but got deeper testimonies. She can see love but lines of them staying together are dim. Pragati was upset and leaves. Raghbir was furious over the lady for ruining their anniversary. The lady murmurs they are unaware they will have to make sacrifices for love.

Sahas reaches the carnival and spots Raghbir’s car there.

Raghbir offers Pragati to go for movie to her favorite cinema. He speaks to Pragati that he never wanted to go to Tarot card reader. He will now show where her name is written over his hand. He runs out of sight. Pragati looks around for Raghbir and was tensed. Sahas spots Pragati.


Bepanah Pyaar 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati’s car was followed by a motor cyclist. He throws a stone in the car that hits Pragati’s forehead. She reads the note tied to it, ‘Don’t dare to fly high”

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Telecast Date: 29th January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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