Bepanah Pyaar 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bepanah Pyaar 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bepanah Pyaar Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Pragati asks Kunti and Harshit why they are lying. Why are you trying to create misunderstandings between us? Raghbir warns her not to blame them. I will otherwise forget that you are a woman! Pragati says they are blaming me instead. I don’t know anything. I am not lying. Kunti reasons that that tablet must be either in her room or office cabin if she is innocent. Pragati tells them to check the room. Raghbir starts scanning the drawers even though she keeps telling him there is nothing here. He empties her purse and the strip of tablet falls on the bed. Raghbir does not let Pragati explain anything.

This is your truth! Kunti says you don’t even know how that medicine can affect Raghbir. You are not illiterate. I gave my liver and saved his life few days ago whereas you want to kill him! Pragati fails in explaining herself again. Kunti continues her acting. A mother can do anything for her son. I wont let you harm him! Raghbir tells her to let it be. She only knows how to play with feelings. Pragati tells Raghbir to believe him. She holds his hand but he pushes her aside and walks out of the room in a huff. She wonders what’s going on in their life. You come closer one minute and go away another. It seems as if we wont be able to stay with each other again. She replays the entire scene and realises that both Kunti and Harshit are trying to separate her from Raghbir.

Harshit claps for his mom. How do you come up with such ideas? She takes pride in it. Why did you make such a big mistake without thinking? What if someone doubted you? Do you have more tablets? He nods. What are you thinking? She tells him something (in mute). Flashback shows Harshit keeping the strip of medicine in Pragati’s bag while she was asleep. Kunti says I kept the photos and you placed the medicine in her bag. The only thing left to do was to wake up Raghbir. She shows fake concern to him. I couldn’t believe it when Harshit told me but I was fuming when I saw it myself. She shows him the photo. Raghbir’s eyes widen in shock. She adds that this photo means that they both still love each other very much. You broke my promise. He refuses. I can never do that. I will never forgive her. I hated her and will continue to hate her! Kunti asks about the photo again. Pragati walks in. Flashback ends.

Harshit and Kunti mock Raghbir. Kunti says I will turn him into a stone. Pragati’s tears wont be able to melt his heart! I saved his life after all. People who do that are no less than God for you!

Priya and Nakul discuss about Dev. Nakul says I was also upset with Dev’s attitude the other day but it might be that we are thinking in the wrong direction. He is not a cheater. Do you trust him? She nods. He suggests her to talk to him.

Pragati thinks how he could even think that I will give him such a medicine. I came here to save you and not kill you! She is passing from Shefali’s room when she hears her vomiting. She tries to help her but Shefali speaks rudely to her. You don’t need to show fake sympathy to us anymore. You have lost the place you had made in our hearts. Leave now. Pragati is in tears. Shefali tells her to show her tears to those who don’t know her. We know you very well. Get out of here before I turn mean to you! Pragati leaves sadly.

Sahas sets breakfast for Pragati. Raghbir is her husband so they will talk to each other. Why am I acting like this? He asks Pragati to have breakfast. Raghbir looks on from behind. Pragati thanks Sahas for making all this for her. I cannot eat all this. I have a right on the house and company but not on the kitchen. Mummy ji has told me not to eat anything from home. He respects her wish and convinces her to have noodles with him. They turn and see Raghbir standing there. Pragati leaves with Sahas. Raghbir starts throwing crockery on the floor. Aditi, Devraj and Kunti come there. Aditi rues that her crockery is broken. He replies that only crockery broke. My heart dint break. I will replace the crockery. Devraj says I know what happened last night between Pragati and you. I never thought she will turn out to be like this! Kunti says Sahas is supporting Pragati but we are unable to stop him. Devraj asks them if they are unhappy with the fact that Sahas is Pragati’s friend. Kunti says we don’t mind if he is just a friend. Why does he have to act like her humdard (lover)?

Priya calls Dev. He explains that Nidhi is only a colleague for him. I can write it on a stamp paper if you want. You don’t need to feel insecure at all. She insists she isn’t insecure. Why don’t you leave me if that’s the case? He asks her why she is jealous then. he tells her not to stretch the matter. Even I made mistakes but I dint stretch it. She does not take it positively. He ends up telling her that this time she is wrong. Why should I apologize even when I am not wrong? The truth is I am insecure. She admits she is jealous and insecure but how will she know he loves her if he doesn’t have time for her. I am sorry, I don’t want to marry you! She ends the call sadly.

Sahas glances at Pragati while driving. Pragati is disturbed thinking about the morning incident. They park the car outside office. Raghbir parks his car next to them. Sahas wipes Pragati’s tears (which bothers Raghbir). Sahas tells Pragati to share her pain with him. She says I came here to gain Raghbir and his family’s love but I am losing courage. I may not be able to explain to Raghbir that we may try as much as we want but we cannot go away from each other. Maybe God saved me in Manali so our name


Bepanah Pyaar 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sahas and Pragati are buying ice cream. Sahas tells Pragati she is like Vanilla ice cream. They cutely chase each other around the ice cream cart when she slips and Sahas holds her in his arms. Raghbir decides to teach him a lesson. He reaches out for his arm and is about to hit him but Pragati intervenes. He shouts at her for lying that she is at office while she is busy flirting with Sahas. Pragati leaves with Sahas. Kunti tells Raghbir to let Pragati be with Sahas. Just think that this is what she deserves.


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