Bepanah Pyaar 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bepanah Pyaar 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bepanah Pyaar Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Pragati enters in her room. She is still dizzy. She heads into the washroom. Sahas comes just then. He knocks at the bathroom door in concern. She replies that she is fine. Go away. He asks her if she is upset. What happened? She replies that nothing happened. Please go. He decides to ask her later on. She finds everything wrong with her face. She decides to add salt in her toothpaste as her teeth aren’t shining.

Dev and Priya are having an argument. She tells him to give clarification but he explains that he was taking Nidhi’s help to buy stuff for her. I wanted to surprise you. She recalls how Nakul had said the same thing to her. She tells Dev she wont fall in his lame excuses. He reasons that he left his important meeting to sort out things. I cannot see you upset. She asks him to leave her alone for some time. He leaves reluctantly. Priya thinks Nakul was right. Dev gave me the exact same excuse which Nakul had suggested.

Raghbir mimics Pragati in front of the mirror. She looks on from behind. How dare you mimic me in my own room? He tells her to look at her nose. It looks like a balloon. She denies. Problem is in your eyes. He says you would have been fine if there was problem only in my eyes. Your lips are like that of a fish. They chase each other around the room playfully and end up in the bath tub. She throws water on him. He asks her if she wants to kill him. She denies. You are my husband. Why would I do it? He says you don’t care about me at all. You gave my place to someone else. She calls it a lie but he refuses to believe her. You are a liar! She insists she isn’t a liar. He says you gave my place to Sahas. She points out that he is jealous. He refuses. She teases him cutely. He backs off. She says Sahas is just my good friend. I can only give your place to you. I missed you so much. I look good only with you. I can apologize thousand times for my mistake but I cannot stop loving you. We are each other’s shadow. How can we part ways? Please forgive me. We can start afresh. She looks at him and realises that he has fallen asleep. She rests her head on his shoulder. I am near you after so many days. Hope time stands still and we remain together always!

Kunti is stunned to see Raghbir and Pragati sleeping together in the bath tub. I tried so much yet they are so close. They must be separated now but how!

Sahas is buying flowers for Pragati to cheer her up. Shopkeeper says you are the 10th customer today who is buying flowers for his girlfriend. Sahas replies that he is buying it for his friend. She is not my girlfriend. Shopkeeper says a guy and a girl cannot be friends. Sahas tells him to give it a shot himself. Sahas knocks at Pragati’s door. He is reminded of shopkeeper’s words but ignores them. He hears the sound of water and goes inside the bathroom to check. He stops in his tracks upon noticing Raghbir and Pragati together. I should get them out of here. He lifts Pragati in his arms and takes her outside. He does the same for Raghbir as well.

Sahas walks back in Pragati’s room. Don’t know what would have happened. Why are they drunk? Pragati takes Raghbir’s name in her semi conscious state as she holds Sahas’s hand. The bouquet falls down. Sahas gives her water. She asks him why her clothes are wet. He shares that she was in bath tub a while ago. She goes to change clothes. Sahas cannot stop thinking of the bathroom scene in the morning. He tells Pragati that maybe she and Raghbir drank too much last night. She is unable to figure out anything. I will go talk to him. He nods. Sahas takes the bouquet with him but then throws it in the dustbin angrily.

Pragati comes to talk to Raghbir. Kunti asks her if she came to saw how the drug affected Raghbir. Pragati says I cannot even think of doing it. Trust me. He says trusting you would mean dying again. I wont do that again. Pragati tells him to ask Kunti only. What proof does she have that I did this? He shows their photo in the bath tub. She asks him why she will give him a drug. Harshit says it was to bring Raghbir closer to you. I saw you acting strangely when you wer ein the parking lot. I went back in the conference room where peon told me that Pragati was alone in that room for a while. She wanted to mix the tablet in your glass. Pragati agrees she did go there to check on the preps. Why would I mix tablet in your glass though? Even I drank from it. Raghbir tells Pragati that she wanted his forgiveness which is why she mixed medicine in water. You should be ashamed of yourself!


Bepanah Pyaar 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghbir shows the medicine to Pragati. Kunti says you don’t even know how that medicine can affect Raghbir. Raghbir replies that she wouldn’t know as she has no feelings. Later, Kunti says Sahas is supporting Pragati but we are unable to stop him. Devraj asks them if they are unhappy with the fact that Sahas is Pragati’s friend. Kunti says we don’t mind if he is just a friend. Why does he have to act like her humdard (lover)?


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