Bepanah Pyaar 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bepanah Pyaar 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bepanah Pyaar Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Pragati wakes up and so does Raghbir. Sad song plays in the background. Pragati calls out to Raghbir. Please listen to me. Please talk to me. It isn’t how it looks. Please talk to me once. I am not wrong. She is in tears. Raghbir does not react. Pragati knocks at the door again but in vain. She walks away sadly.

Raghbir recalls what had happened last night. He is walking past Sahas’s room and notices Pragati bringing food for him. He saves her from falling. Are you alright? She nods. He calls her Devi for bringing food for him. You will be blessed. Feed me happily. Pragati smiles. Raghbir thinks Ma is right. He is stuck so badly. Don’t know when he will leave. Pragati tells Sahas to take his medicine. It is right next to you. He nods. Pragati leaves. Her earring falls down. She does not realise it. Flashback shows that same earring had fallen every time Pragati had worn it. Pragati tells him to pick it and help her wear it in case it falls again. You know it’s my favourite. He happily picks it up. Flashback ends. Raghbir is in a fix. Why should I fix the memories of the one who broke my heart? He drops the earring on the floor. Pragati finds the earring and wears it.

Raghbir meets a servant who shares that Shefali isn’t eating anything these days. He knocks on her door. She shouts thinking it will be David but then apologizes to Raghbir. He asks her why she dint have food. She lies that she isn’t hungry. He says it means you haven’t been eating since days. Did someone say something to you? Are you trying to lose weight? I can take you to gym if you want to lose weight. She eats it from his hands without complaining. He tells her not to grow up. I will drop you to college. She agrees.

Harshit reaches office. He overhears staff members discussing how Pragati has been running the office with Raghbir now. Harshit may have the signing authority but Pragati will run everything. He feels bad.

Pragati is giving a presentation. Raghbir wonders what she will do now. She has joined company few days ago. Will she know anything about our profits for the past 3 years? She coughs and reaches out for a glass of water. Harshit smirks. Flashback shows him mixing a tablet in the glass earlier. Last time Raghbir tried to kill a mosquito after drinking this. Let’s see what you will do now! Pragati starts making random stories in the middle of the meeting. Raghbir holds her just when she was about to fall which irks Harshit. Raghbir and Pragati share an eye lock. She starts feeling dizzy. I can’t see you! Raghbir whispers something in her ears but finds her lost. He covers up for her in front of the team members while she plays with his beard. She keeps saying yes after his every sentence. The meeting comes to an end. A lady remarks that the company will earn profit the day this couple will stop fighting. Everyone leaves.

Raghbir asks Pragati what she had. He tries to feed her water but she makes him finish the remaining glass of water. You dint leave anything for me! Even he starts feeling dizzy. Ve maahi plays. They share some cute, funny moments. He lifts her in his arms and brings her outside. They see 4 cars instead of 2. She calls him a liar but he declines. What did I do? She replies that he makes an angry face whenever he gets angry. I find you cute either ways! She hits her head sweetly against his. He says I know why this is happening. Are you feeling dizzy? Can you see 2 things instead of one? You saw double alphabets inside? she says say to all of that. How do you know it Baba ji? He says it is because I am going through the same thing. Harshit asks him to come along. Driver will take care of Pragati. Raghbir makes her sit in the car. Harshit thinks the farther they are trying to push them, the closer they are coming.


Bepanah Pyaar 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :In their inebriated state, Pragati requests Raghbir to forgive her. They both fall asleep in the bath tub. Later, Harshit tells Raghbir that there was a medicine in the glass from which Pragati drank water. Raghbir tells Pragati that she wanted his forgiveness which is why she mixed medicine in water.


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