Bepanah Pyaar 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update


Bepanah Pyaar 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update, Bepanah Pyaar Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 23rd August 2019 Episode Start With Pragati collides with the maid on her way out. She signals her that she found a very important clue about the killer so she is going. Maid nods. She decides to follow Pragati but Dadi opens the door just then. She takes the maid inside with her. The maid immediately informs the mystery guy on phone about Pragati’s movements.

Raghbir says I am going to office to give bonus to people. His sisters ask about Pragati? Raghbir receives Pragati’s text. I have some urgent work so I am going. His mother says how she could go without informing. Raghbir says she isn’t a kid. You are acting like the MIL’s of TV serials.

The mystery guy is following Pragati’s car. She reaches orphanage. She looks around and wonders why Prashant has called her here. The mystery guy follows her at a distance. He is wearing black clothes from top to toe.

Pragati meets Prashant who introduces her to the owner of the orphanage, Anil. He also runs a secret forensic lab here to avoid everyone’s prying eyes. I have told him everything. We can conduct our investigations here if needed. Pragati thanks Anil. Do we have some important evidence? The mystery guy walks past some kids. One guy serving them something looks at the mystery guy.

Dev hides seeing Raghbir’s car but Raghbir has seen him. He steps down to look but does not see Dev there. It is good that he ran away or I would have beaten him otherwise! Dev heaves a sigh of relief seeing him leave. I would have been beaten if I had been caught. It is enough Priya. I am coming now!

Raghbir asks David why the house is so quiet. David shares that everyone is watching a movie. Raghbir nods.

Anil says we can still match Raghbir’s fingerprints with the evidence if we get hold of his fingerprints somehow. We will get our proof if it matches. The mystery guy collides with a kid and pushes him. He walks away without glancing back at the kid even once. A lady asks him if he cannot watch his step. You pushed the poor kid. She also wonders why he has covered himself like that. The mystery guy pays no heed. Pragati, Prashant and Anil look in his direction but see nothing.

Pragati gives a glass to Anil. They go inside the lab to match Raghbir’s fingerprints with the evidence.

Raghbir is in his room. He is thinking of what happened in the morning. I cannot sleep here. Pragati will sleep here and I will sleep on the sofa. Our journey was only till here, Mr. Bed. He speaks to the sofa. Congratulations Pragati Malhotra, my throne is yours now! He hears Priya’s scream and runs.

Priya is shouting all along. Stay away. Don’t come close. Raghbir breaks open the door. He finds Dev cupping Priya’s face. Dev tells him to listen to him but Raghbir beats him. How dare you get inside my house and get close to my sister? Dev requests him again but Raghbir says I heard you in parking lot but you aren’t worth talking to. He is about to break his head with a bottle but Dev ducks. Raghbir hits him on his nose with his head. Priya gives Raghbir her swear to stop him. He did not do anything. He came here to save me. Please stop.

Anil comes to his lab but the bag is missing. Pragati tells him to remember where he had kept it exactly. Anil says I remember keeping it right here. Flashback shows the mystery guy stealing the bag while Pragati, Prashant and Anil are still outside. They decide to check with the staff.

Raghbir tells Priya not to lie. Priya says Dev came here to save me from the snake. Raghbir asks Dev what he is doing here. Dev says I came to meet her but she was. Flashback is shown where Priya sees a snake and starts screaming. Dev hears her and climbs up her window. He jumps inside quietly while she keeps shouting at Dev to stop. He throws his jacket on the snake and then packs it in a box. Priya is crying badly by now. Dev tells her to relax. Everything is fine. Flashback ends. Dev hands a glass of water to Priya who asks him why he is giving it to her. Raghbir tells him to drink it. I am sorry. Dev says you only did what a brother would have done for his sister. Even I would have done that. He clears that he would have done it for his sister also. Raghbir calls him confused. Let’s go to get your dents fixed. Dev asks him if he will only take him to doc. Raghbir says split personality. I become like that when I don’t understand logic. Now I know the logic. Let’s go. Dev asks about the snake. Raghbir says we will drop it in jungle. Priya and Dev look at each other. Raghbir tells him to finish exchanging glances first and then come.

Pragati notices the mystery guy running away with the bag and chases him. Prashant and Anil go after him from a different direction. The mystery guy falls down while running. Pragati is about to reach out to him when Harshit pats at her shoulder. What are you doing here? She notices the mystery guy missing and runs away. Harshit asks her what happened but she replies that she will tell later. Prashant and Anil nab the mystery guy. He is the tea vendor of Ashram. Pragati asks him why he was running. I saw you stealing the bag myself. I will call police if you wont tell! He shares that he found it lying in a corner. I wore it as it is nice. I am not a thief. Pragati lets him go. Prashant wonders who it was. She recalls that the mystery guy had collided with a kid. A lady saw him. She must know how he looks. She approaches that same lady and asks about the mystery guy but she hasn’t seen his face. Pragati doubts Harshit and runs. Where did he go? What was he doing here? Prashant says he might be around. We can still catch him. They ask everyone nearby but don’t find any information about Harshit. Pragati says maybe someone knew that I was coming here. I am being followed. Only the one pretending to be my nice husband can do this! I escaped everyone’s eyes while leaving from the house but I couldn’t escape him. How else would he have known it that I am coming here? Prashant asks her what they should do now. Pragati replies that now only she has to do everything.

Pragati storms inside her room but Raghbir isn’t there. He enters just then. She goes downstairs and looks him in his eyes.


Bepanah Pyaar 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati notices the black bag in a car. She recognizes it. Raghbir keeps it in a car. He closes the trunk of the car and finds himself facing Pragati.


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