Bepanah Pyaar 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bepanah Pyaar 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bepanah Pyaar Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 1st November 2019 Episode Start With Raghbir looks at the pyre in shock and shout Pragati’s name. His family members try to take him away but in vain. He breaks the pots of water on the pyre to douse it. He shouts her name and pushes his family members away. He starts pushing away the logs when Pragati holds his hand. Everyone is stunned to see her. No Raghbir! Kunti asks her how come she is alive. Pragati nods. Kunti asks about the card. Pragati says it was because I wanted to die. I had no motive left to live when I was thrown out of the house when I experienced a miracle.

Flashback shows Pragati standing on the edge of the cliff when she hears a lady shouting. Kill me! Pragati asks her if she is fine. She shares that goons have robbed her of everything. She points in their direction. Pragati gets distracted for a second.

The lady aims gun at her threatening her to give her valuables to her. She even makes Pragati remove her saree and jumps in joy. Some goons catch hold of her. They rob her jewellery. She starts running and suddenly slips off the edge. Pragati watches it in shock. The goons see it but flee from the spot. Pragati decides not to give up so easily. I have loved Raghbir with all my heart and so as he. I cannot see him going through pain anymore. Flashback ends.

Raghbir asks Pragati why she did all this. Pragati replies that they had to do the last rites to welcome the new Pragati. Kunti asks her if she isn’t ashamed to do all this. Raghbir was shattered after seeing the invitation of your death ceremony. Do you realise how he must be feeling? He was so shattered. He dint even utter a word! Pragati asks her if she dint feel pity for her when she begged her to let her stay in the house. I had no other option. Raghbir wonders how someone can stoop so low. I knew that you lie but so does your mind and heart. Is this a game? I dint make any mistake by throwing you out of my life and house! I wont let you do anything wrong anymore. You neither deserve our love nor our anger. No one will say anything to you. He asks his family to come. We share nothing with her. Pragati says we do share a relation. No one can break it. You can throw me out of your life but not from your home. You can throw Pragati out but not Baani. You did partnership with my company as per your will when I died. My lawyers have told me that I own 51% shares of your company. I have a right legally on that company. My crores were spent on the house so I deserve to be there. I am your wife legally. How will you break your relation with me? Raghbir says Pragati came to seek revenge from me so it does not matter but my Baani was not like this. She died today! You have killed her! All that love was fake. You want money, right? She denies. I want what is mine.

Raghbir says you will get it. I will give it to you, Baani aka Pragati. You are my wife after all. I wont forget what you have done till date. You wont forget what I will do now. A husband performs last rites of his wife when she dies. I will do the same today. This will be the first time in the world when this husband will take last 7 vows for his wife. He makes a hole in the water pot and walks around the pyre. One, I will hate you till my last breath. Two, I won’t care whether you die or live. Three, I will snatch every happiness from you. Fourth, I will make sure you are so alone that no one will turn up on your death bed. Five, I will remove every memory of you from my mind and heart. Six, you will regret and curse yourself for loving me till your last breath! Seventh, you came twice. I wont let you come in my life again at any cost! He breaks the pot on the ground per ritual shocking his family. Pragati is in tears but stands firm. Raghbir tells her that her last rites are done with. From today onwards, irrespective of whether you are Baani or Pragati, my wife is dead to me! He puts ash on her forehead. Kya Hua Tera Wada plays. Pragati tries to stop him but he pushes her away and leaves with his family. Pragati touches her forehead. Be it ash or vermilion, you only will fill this hairline. I will only tell you one vow. Only you will apply vermilion in my hairline for the next 7 births! My only wealth is you. I cannot lose you at any cost. I will come back to take it at any cost.

Sahas comes to pick Pragati. He keeps his arm around her and makes her sit in the car. Raghbir and his family notice it but they don’t see his face. Kunti fills his ears against Raghbir. She has been cheating you since years. She has given your love to someone else for years and now she will spend my money on this guy. Raghbir thinks she may get everything but she will never get my love.

Malhotra family returns home. Shalu asks Raghbir when he found out that Pragati is Baani. Why dint you tell us? Kunti tells Shalu to let him go. He wanted to throw her out of the house and he has done it. Aditi rues that she had been saying this but no one paid heed to her words. Devraj says we don’t get to experience it when someone pretends to show love and care towards us. Kunti says that girl should never return here. Gopi says people burn Ravan today. Raghbir has lit her pyre. She wont return now. Nakul says Bhabhi dint think even once how Bhai will feel.

The entire scene flashes again before Raghbir’s eyes.


Bepanah Pyaar 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Kunti asks Raghbir how he could forget that Pragati left with someone else. People who lend you their shoulder are actually lovers! Sahas tells Pragati to forget Raghbir. Neither he nor that house is yours anymore. She says I must stay with Raghbir as his life is (in danger). She stops mid sentence.


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