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Bepanah Pyaar 16th January 2020 Episode Start With Investors praise Pragati for taking care of them. We will always remember this day. You both are made for each other. God bless you. Raghbir and Pragati smile at each other. Raghbir kisses on her hand. Sahas glares at them.

Raghbir brings dinner for Pragati in her room. There is one thing common about us. We always think about what we like. You must be thinking about me and I am thinking about chicken. She makes a face. Am I worse than chicken? He gives a smart reply. Your nutritious food was good but the day wont be complete without eating it. Thank you for supporting Dad, me and the entire team. We wouldn’t have been successful otherwise. He feeds her a bite. They share an eye lock as he wipes food from her lips. Ve maahi plays. She smiles as he looks at her sweetly mimicking her head tilts. This bite is for my sorry. I scolded you a lot when the investors made a fuss. I am sorry. I dint mean it. Pragati feeds him as well. Thank you for supporting me. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help. He asks her if she doesn’t think it should be thank you very much instead. I helped you cook food and even guarded the food. She says it wasn’t intentional but he tells her that he had strange intentions. Do you think I am jealous? She shrugs. He says Sahas dances on my head whenever you take his side. She suggests him to turn bald so he will slip. Raghbir sarcastically replies to her hearing her PJ.

Priya is reading a book but Akshay’s words keep haunting her. dev calls her and apologizes but she calls his love drama. He says the same for her. I am doing this for our future only. She tells him that he cannot handle their present and is thinking about the future. He asks her what he should do. She tells him to leave her. he ends the call upset.

Sahas is thinking about what the investors had said when Pragati knocks at the door. She thanks him for bringing her closer to Raghbir. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. He says I told you I will be with you whenever you will need me. She nods. I am very lucky to have a husband like Raghbir and a friend like you. Thanks a ton. Please don’t mind it when Raghbir gets irritated because of you. He loves me very much so he acts like that sometimes. Forgive him in that case. Sahas suggests her to sleep as it is late. She tells him the same as he leaves. sahas thinks how will he be able to sleep after what she said. Kunti asks him if he is happy now. I told you to ruin her cooking but you melted the moment she shed few tears. You lost the golden chance. I keep telling you to use your brain but you don’t listen to me. Sahas agrees. I don’t want only her friendship. I want more.

Harshit blocks Pragati’s way. You seem very happy but do remember that night comes after day. She reminds him that day comes again after night. The day isn’t far when Raghbir will see everything clearly. Harshit asks her if anything helped her. Raghbir threw me out of the house but he is the only one who brought me back. You had to do such a big drama to throw me out but guess what happened! Pragati says drama may continue but it does come to an end with the introduction of all the characters. Just wait and watch. She goes. Kunti comes there. Raghbir’s love becomes ventilator for a sinking Pragati. we must separate them now.

Next morning, Raghbir asks Pragati to come fast. Investors will be waiting for us. She comes downstairs just then. everyone is seated in the living area. Aditi wishes them good luck. Do tell us what the investors have to say. Raghbir receives Mr. Mehta’s call and gets tensed. Devraj asks him what happened. Raghbir shares that they don’t need to go anywhere. We have cracked the deal. Pragati hugs him overjoyed. Sahas, Pragati and Kunti look on unhappily.

Pragati asks Raghbir about what the investors said. He says they are very happy with our proposal. Thank you. She thanks him too. Devraj coughs to catch their attention. It is all because of Pragati. She won everyone’s heart especially because of the family video. Aditi also gives credit to her for her cooking. Priya and Shefali also praise her cooking. Raghbir says even I made some efforts. I was in kitchen for the first time in life. Aditi says you both deserve the credit. I can now positively say that you both are incomplete without each other. Raghbir decides to go to another meeting. He tells Pragati to head to office and asks Shefali to come with him. I will drop you on my way. She denies. Aditi says you need to maintain good attendance. Shefali cooks an excuse and goes. Nakul says something is surely wrong. She isn’t even eating properly. Pragati recalls her last convo with Shefali. She assures Aditi she will speak to Shefali. Pragati and Raghbir leave.


Bepanah Pyaar 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati gives a clip to Raghbir. It has the entire story of my kidnapping. Sahas, Kunti and Harshit stand tensed as Pragati plays the video.

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Telecast Date: 16th January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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