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Bepanah Pyaar 14th January 2020 Episode Start With Devraj smiles noticing Raghbir presenting the idea to the investors. Everyone likes the presentation but they are hesitant to do a deal with Malhotra’s because of the tiff between the family members. We know about the differences between Pragati and Raghbir. It will affect our business. Devraj assures them they are happy with each other now. Another guy says they both have started getting along but they have a history. Devraj assures them that this is normal between a husband and wife. I will call them here. they will clear all your doubts.

Pragati reaches office. There is no point telling Raghbir anything. He wont trust me. Harshit Bhaiya and Badi Ma will try to increase the differences between us if they find out about this. I must spend more time with Raghbir to gain his trust. I wonder where no one else will be able to come between us. Raghbir teases her for talking to herself. Has your external wound become internal now? Devraj takes them to his cabin. Raghbir says I want this deal. I have been working on it since 2 years. Devraj says this is my dream project. I want you both to make it happen. They both smile. Pragati mentally thanks Devraj for giving her the perfect opportunity. All three of them go back in the meeting room. Pragati and Raghbir talk sweetly to each other in front of the investors. One guy asks Pragati about her wound. She replies that it the result if her karmas. Whatever happens, happens because of our karmas. Raghbir says it is good for me. I am able to take care of her after all. Pragati says the same. I am enjoying the phase. Devraj and Raghbir end up inviting them all over for lunch to their house tomorrow. They agree.

Priya calls at Dev’s office but she is informed that he is out for lunch. She leaves a message for him with the receptionist for their evening date. She also leaves him a text. His reply brings a smile on her face.

Pragati is thinking what to cook for the investors. She overhears Kunti speaking to someone about the same. I will ask the servant to make seafood for them. It is good that you have informed me. Pragati thinks her work will be done. Kunti smirks. She thinks she is too smart but that isn’t the case. She mocks Pragati. I wont be exposed but you will be insulted for sure!

Pragati takes permission from Devraj to cook for the investors. I have promised them I will cook myself. I don’t break my promises. I will bring everything on my own. Raghbir tells her against it but she insists. He offers to go to market with her but Shefali requests him to let her go. Raghbir tells her to take care of Pragati. Shefali nods.

Priya is at the cafe. Dev’s phone is coming as switched off. She starts reading the menu when Akshay walks up to her. All the past memories flash in her mind. Akshay tries to talk to her but she asks him to leave. He requests her to let him explain. She gives him a minute to say whatever he has to. Akshay says I now regret whatever I did wrong. I realise I was wrong. I can prove you how much I still love you. I really miss you. She tells him that his one minute is over and leaves.

Sahas is sitting in the garden. Pragati and Shefali return home. Shefali goes inside with the ingredients whereas Pragati goes to Sahas. Do you have a headache? Get up. Your doctor is here. he sweetly asks her which medicine he should take. She makes him remove his slippers and asks him to walk barefoot on the grass. Raghbir is watching them from upstairs. Pragati asks Sahas if he is feeling better. He nods. She says this is the magic of the grass but he calls it her magic. You ease everyone’s pain. This is you. She smiles.

Pragati enters. Raghbir asks her if her special friend’s headache is fine now. As far as I remember, this was just for me! She asks him if something is burning. Oh, you seem jealous! You look very cute this way. Continue. It is fun!

Pragati is watching a food video when there is a knock on the door. It is Raghbir. He comes inside on the pretext of taking his belt. They argue cutely with each other. He says I don’t need to tell you but I think I should so I am telling you. I wasn’t jealous. She says I will accept it if you are saying so. Raghbir says I will feel bad as you are beginning to do the same things for others what you only used to do for me earlier. She says it means you felt bad. He asks her if she dint feel bad when he went on dinner with someone else. She nods. I atleast tell you when I feel bad but you don’t! He begins to retort but then stops mid sentence. Title track plays. They share an eye lock. Kunti notices them thus and knocks intentionally at the door. Raghbir shows the belt. I came to take this. Kunti asks him to come. I will ask servant to shift all your stuff from this room. Raghbir goes reluctantly with her. Pragati says you can take out his stuff from this room but you cannot take me out of his heart or him from my heart ever.


Bepanah Pyaar 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Investors make a face as they look at the dishes. Devraj asks them what happened. One of them says we are vegetarians and this is what you are serving us. Pragati looks at Kunti who hides a smile.

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Telecast Date: 14th January 2020
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