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Bepanah Pyaar 12th February 2020 Episode Start With Sahas leaves in his car. Pragati follows him. She loses him as another car comes in between but decides to go straight as there is no cut in between. She finds his car parked at the corner of the road.

Sahas is with Kunti and Harshit. Sahas says I am tired hearing your false promises. Fulfil it or I will kill you both! Kunti tells him to be quiet. You are trying to threaten me? You don’t know how many people I have killed! He twists her arm. Kunti winces in pain. Harshit tries to intervene but Sahas warns him to be careful of him. I will kill you and make such a report that even judge wont be able to reject. Pragati notices Sahas and inches closer.

Kunti says our game will be up if anyone sees us together. Pragati wonders what he is doing with Badi Ma and Harshit Bhaiya. Kunti assures Sahas she will fulfil her side of the bargain at any cost. Our plan is going in the correct direction so far. Sahas says you will have to or I will show this to everyone. He shows her the video wherein Badi Ma is cutting the fence back in Manali. Harshit and Kunti are shocked. Pragati is equally shocked to see that video. How is this video with him? Sahas asks Kunti if she remembers this day. I supported you guys as you were going to kill Raghbir and give me Baani but you ended up targeting her instead. The plan wasn’t limited to this only. You killed her parents and pretended to be mentally unstable so no one will doubt you. You sometimes made me wear the hoodie and at other times sent Harshit in front of Pragati in that hoodie. Pragati recalls all the past incidents.

Kunti takes Sahas’s phone and deletes the photo / video. Sahas claps. You think I will not have any back up plan? My Bapu had told me not to trust a woman with cat eyes. You can throw your son out of the house for your benefit. Why will you spare me? Pragati is shocked to realise that Sahas has never been her friend. She moves and the branch twists. Kunti is about to reply to Sahas when they hear a sound. They look around but don’t see anyone. They think it might be an animal but still leave from there.

Pragati is disturbed by the recent incidents. I cannot believe it that Sahas is with Badi Ma and Harshit Bhaiya. I told him all that I dint even tell Raghbir. I made a very big mistake. I thought you are my friend but you took advantage of me. You knew everything about Badi Ma but you only pretended to help me. She cries. There is a knock on the door. She thinks it might be Sahas. She wipes her tears and opens the door. It is Raghbir. He says I feel uneasy. Can I sit with you for a while? She thinks his mood swings are unusual. He says I will go to Badi Ma if you are busy but she takes him inside. I will bring water for you. He denies. I only want you. She assures him she is with him only. He tells her to be with him always. Don’t go away from me ever. He rests his head in her lap. She thinks of the change in his behaviour recently. Why is he unable to remember everything? Something is fishy. She remembers Kunti telling Sahas to wait a little. She spoke of her plan going in the right direction. Sahas wants me. It is only possible when they will separate me from Raghbir. It means they plan to get Raghbir out of their way? You have played enough games. It is my turn now. 3 people have cast their evil eyes on my husband. It is said that only wife can throw such things out of the house in such cases. I wont let anything happen to you, Raghbir.

Pragati shouts for help.

8 hours ago:
Raghbir and Pragati are addressing a conference. During the interview, Raghbir forgets the name of the company with whom they have made a deal recently. Pragati takes over from there. Raghbir begins to feel uneasy and is disturbed by flashes of the cameras. He ends up shouting at the reporters. Pragati tries to calm him down but in vain. One reporter speaks badly about Raghbir. Raghbir beats him badly. Nakul and Devraj have been watching the news. Nakul calls Pragati but in vain. Pragati requests the reporters to not record it but they refuse to back off now. They insist upon exposing Raghbir in front of everyone. Raghbir tries to strangulate that particular reporter. She manages to stop him. He passes out on the floor.

Raghbir is admitted in the hospital. Pragati requests doc to do Raghbir’s blood test. We won’t tell anyone else about this. Doc agrees. Malhotra family comes there. Kunti shows fake concern for Raghbir. Sahas offers to check Raghbir but Pragati stops him. He is fine as per doctor. Let him rest. Sahas nods. She thinks she cannot let him go near Raghbir after finding out his truth.

4 hours ago:
Raghbir asks doc how it can be. How can someone lose their cool because of no reason? Doc says it happens because of stress at times. Pragati assures him he had a word with reporters. Everything has been managed. Devraj says I will cancel the party but Raghbir insists upon having it. We will do it in typical Malhotra style. It is the 30th anniversary of our company. Pragati goes to do the formalities. She meets doc outside. When will the blood report come? He says it will come tomorrow. She tells him to make sure no one else gets hold of that report except her. He nods. I will inform my junior to give it only to you.


Bepanah Pyaar 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati tells Sahas some goons followed her and locked her in the box. I know who is behind this. She cries mid sentence. He takes Badi Ma’s name. Sahas confronts Kunti and strangles her. Later, Raghbir shouts on Pragati. you don’t deserve anyone’s love. Family members hold him back with great difficulty. He tells them to let him throw her out of the house.

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Telecast Date: 12th February 2020
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