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Bawara Dil 9th April 2021 Sidhi sadly looks at the beaten mechanic and cries.

Shiv sits at Bai’s feet and says I know I did a mistake. I am ready for any punishment but don’t separate me from yourself. Bai says don’t say all that. You are a human and you can do mistakes. I am like your mother so I can be angry at you but it’s gone now, don’t look so sad as it hurts me. She asks him to smile a little. Shiva says you are a great woman to forgive me. Bai says it’s my love for you. She says I am tired and you must be too so go home and rest. Shiva says what about this drama? Bai says it happens all the time, I have forgotten it, I am Akka Bai so few people can’t move me. Shiva says I will always remember your love, I promise to find the culprit.

He takes her blessing and leaves. Sarkar glares at him. Bhavin says I have talked to the media and they will not bring up your name now. Bai laughs and says good. Bhavin says we have controlled this but we have to tie this dog Shiva. Bai grabs Bhavin and says don’t call Shiva a dog again otherwise I will feed you to dogs. She asks him to get lost, Bhavin leaves from there. Sarkar says you still feel love for Shiva? Bai says Shiva is my dog, he barks and bites on my order but I don’t like my one dog calling my other dog a dog. You know I can pet my dog to get my work done. I want you to see all this and learn how I am handling all this. Sarkar laughs at her.

Sidhi is crying in her room recalling how the mechanic got beaten. She thinks I didn’t know an innocent man will be punished for my deed, I am responsible for his blood. This Shiva beat him without any care. Sidhi gets Narpat’s call. He says Shiva has no idea you were behind all this, that mechanic got burnt but it’s fine. I am so happy. Sidhi shouts at him to stop it, I don’t want to talk to you anymore. She throws away the phone and cries. She pleads to God to forgive her, I did a grave mistake, an innocent got beaten because of me. Shiva comes there and sees her crying. He asks what happened? Sidhi wipes her tears and says nothing. Shiva gets worried and says that the mechanic is fine, I have sent him to the hospital, he will be fine in a day or two. Do you need anything? Sidhi says yes, I want to be alone for some time. Shiva leaves from there.

Shiva sits on the balcony and says I don’t care if she wants to be alone, she might have gotten scared seeing all that. Yashwant comes there and says I have some work for you. Shiva says yes? Yashwant says Sidhi is learning the german language so bring her books from her parents’ house. Shiva says I will ask Jalwa. Yashwant says she is your wife so you bring it. You will take her to the university to fill the form. Shiva says she can go alone. Yashwant says you have married her so you have to take care of her. She will not go to Pune alone, you will go with her. He says you must have never seen the university so you will get to see how kids study there, he leaves from there. Shiva says don’t know what else I will have to do, I did a mistake by marrying her.

Scene 2
In the morning, Shiva gets Jalwa’s call. Jalwa says items are ready. Shiva says to keep it in a box and nobody should get it. Sidhi hides and hears it. Shiva leaves from there.

Shiva comes to Ishwar’s house. He recalls how he had kidnapped Sidhi. Shiva takes off his shoes and enters the house. Sagar sees him and says come inside, Ishwar is not home and I was leaving too. Shiva says I will come later. Sagar says no Malini is here, come inside. He takes him inside and says I will come in a minute, he leaves from there. Malini is working in the kitchen and says Sagar the gas is finished. Shiva looks on. Malini keeps calling Sagar. Shiva goes to the balcony and finds a gas tank there. He takes it and brings it to Malini. Malini doesn’t see him and keeps talking to herself. Shiva changes the gas tank. Malini turns and says you? Shiva recalls how she called him an animal. Malini controls herself and says what are you doing here? Sidhi? Shiva says she is fine, I came here for her work. Malini says I know, Ishwar told me you will come to take her books, I will bring them. Shiva says I have changed the gas tank, can you check, please? Malini checks the stove and it’s working.

Shiva comes home with a box. Bunty says what’s in the box? Shiva asks him to not touch them. He takes it from there. Sidhi hides and thinks what’s in this box? Why he is not allowing anyone to touch it? It must have something related to Akka Bai.

Shiva brings the box to his room and puts it on the bed. He goes to the washroom. Sidhi comes there and opens it to find her books. She says these are my books, he went to my house to bring these? She looks on.

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