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Bawara Dil 8th June 2021 Malvi comes to Shiva’s house and looks around for him. Mangala comes behind her. Malvi says where is Shiva? Mangala says you are early today, whom are you looking for? Malvi says just Soni. Mangala says we are alike so I know who you are looking for, Shiva is working out so go and meet him. Malvi smirks and goes. Mangala thinks this girl can be helpful in separating Shiva from Sidhi.

Malvi comes to the fitness area and sees Shiva working out. She eyes him hungrily. Shiva covers himself seeing her. She says why did you stop? Are you taking a break? Shiva says what? Malvi says the break is important in workouts. Shiva says you are early? Malvi says yes for Sonal’s tuition. Shiva asks her to go and look for Soni. Malvi says you don’t go to the gym? Shiva says sometimes. Malvi says I also do Zumba. Shiva moves away from her and says okay. She asks him to come to her class sometime. He says I can’t go there. Malvi says yes that won’t be practical. She moves closer and touches him. He moves back and says go to Soni, he runs from there.

Shiva comes into his room and hides. He wears his jacket and says I feel naked. Sidhi comes out of the washroom and asks if he is going out? He says yes. Sidhi says why are you wearing a jacket? Shiva says I feel cold on the bike. Sidhi says weird, it’s hot outside. Shiva shouts that I feel cold. She says fine, don’t shout. Shiva sighs and asks if her eye is fine? Sidhi says yes, I can see everything clearly. Shiva says Vijiya’s balms work every time. Sidhi says I will take a bus to my exam. Shiva says why would you take a bus? Sidhi says the train doesn’t go there. Shiva says I took you to the college before, you won’t go alone there. That won’t be practical. Sidhi says what? You said that in English. She smiles. Shiva says I just learned it from Soni’s teacher. Sidhi gets angry and says really? You go and get taught from her. I know so many languages but you don’t learn anything from me. Shiva says why are you shouting? What’s your problem? I didn’t curse you. Sidhi says no she is making you sweet. Shiva says you call me ill-mannered when I don’t talk in English but you are angry if I am talking in English. Sidhi says I am a terrible person, that’s the way I am. Shiva says you have gone crazy, it won’t be practical to stay here with you. He leaves from there. Sidhi is jealous.

Kaka’s eyes are burning. Vijiya says I told you to sleep early. Kaka says I was watching a movie. Vijiya says I will bring the balm that I made for Sidhi. She goes from there. Mangala says this Vijiya failed my plan. Kaka says what? Mangala says I tempered with Sidhi’s eye drops, I mixed onion, spices and salt in her medicine but this Vijiya failed my plan. Sidhi will go to her exam now. Kaka says there are still two days, you will get some idea by then. He thinks and says what if we don’t let reach the team hall? She would need the hall ticket and what if we steal it? She won’t be able to sit in the exam without it. Mangala says I like the idea.

Scene 2
Sidhi puts her exam hall ticket in her bag. She hears some noise and tries to look under the bed. Shiva comes there and asks what happened? Sidhi says I heard some noise. He looks down at the bed and can’t see anything. Sidhi says it must be a rat. Shiva gets scared and jumps on the bed. Sidhi laughs and says everyone is scared of Shiva dada and he is scared of a rat? You are scared of the dark, rats and what else? Shiva says I am not scared, just disgusted by them. Sidhi says right, you can call it anything but you are scared. Shiva says no disgust is different from being scared, you are also scared of a cockroach. Sidhi says I never denied it, I am just saying that you are scared of the rats. Shiva says I am not scared. Sidhi screams there is a rat. Shiva jumps on the cupboard. Vijiya brings a box for Sidhi and asks where is Shiva? She turns around to see him sitting on the cupboard. Vijiya says everyone knows how Shiva is scared of the rats. Sidhi says what did you say? Vijiya says he is scared of the rats. Shiva asks Vijiya to go from here. Vijiya laughs and leaves. Sidhi says you are going to stay there? Shiva says I am fine here, you can come up too. Vijiya brings a mousetrap. Sidhi puts it under the bed and screams there is a rat here. Shiva screams and runs from there.

Soni is sitting with Malvi. Malvi asks her to focus on her studies. Soni says you don’t teach me anything. Sidhi comes there. Malvi asks Soni to read again, don’ disturb me, she is taking her selfies. Sidhi comes to her and asks if she can ask something? Malvi says I don’t have much time. Soni says what’s this way of teaching? She is asking you to teach her. Mangala comes there and says she is the teacher so she knows how to make her study. Sidhi says I can’t ignore what I am seeing, I don’t want Soni to fail. Soni says Sidhi is right. Sidhi asks Malvi why she is not focusing on Soni and just focused on her phone? Malvi says don’t you dare teach me, what do you even know about this topic? Have you ever read an English book? Sidhi says we will talk about my education later on, just tell me what you were teaching her? Soni says ‘charge of the light brigade’, it’s a Tennyson poem, what do you know about it? Malvi gets tensed and says nobody will tell me how to teach her. Sidhi asks if she has ever heard Tennyson’s name? Malvi says yes, he was a boxer. Sidhi laughs and says that was Tyson and not Tennyson. When did he write this poem? Why? where? He wrote it during a war, 2nd December 1854. What do you know about English Lit? What’s your qualification? Malvi says look.. it’s not my fault, I told Jalwa that I teach school kids, it’s not my fault. Sidhi says that’s fine, you can leave and don’t come back from tomorrow. Malvi says I am not going from here, Shiva hired me so who are you to fire me? Sidhi says me? Mangala smirks. Sidhi gets silent. Malvi says I don’t know English Lit but I know why you married Shiva and it’s a big lie, don’t tell me when I came or not come here, who are you tell me to leave from here? Tell me. Sidhi says enough.. you are standing in Shiva’s Lashkare’s house and I am his wife lawfully and religiously so Sidhi Shiva Lashkare is telling you to get the hell out of my house, just get out. Mangala is stunned.

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