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Bawara Dil 7th July 2021 Sidhi tells Shiva that I didn’t tell anything to Baba, he has gone to Mumbai. Shiva tries to say something. Sidhi says if you have some work then speak. Shiva says Akka Bai called us for dinner, I don’t know why. After whatever happened yesterday.. Sidhi says we will go. Shiva says you will go? Sidhi says if she is calling us then we will go. He nods and goes from there. Vijiya asks why is she calling you? Sidhi says I will find out after meeting her.

Mangala tells Vailash that Sarkar didn’t say anything to us. Vailash says let’s go back home for now. Shiva and Sidhi come to Akka Bai’s house. Mangala and Vailash hide from them. Vailash says Bai must have invited them, Mangala says why would she call them? Vailash says we will find out.

Sidhi and Shiva come to the lounge. Bai comes there so Shiva touches her feet. Bai asks Sidhi to sit, we are lucky to have you here today. What do you want to eat? Sidhi says thank you for the respect, I don’t want anything. Bai says it will be fun to serve you, you are Shiva’s wife and my daughter in law right? She tells Shiva that whatever happened shouldn’t have happened. It’s good that Sarkar apologized but I don’t like one thing. Sarkar was slapped in the restaurant (by Sidhi), some people must have seen it and it won’t take much for this to become news. All must be talking about it. Shiva says if you want then I can apologize in front of all.. Sidhi and Bai say no. Sidhi says you have to apologize on anyone’s behalf. Bai says she is right, Shiva shouldn’t apologize but justice should happen against that slap. She tells Shiva that I want you to slap your wife in front of me to do this justice. Shiva is shocked and says what are you saying? How can I? Bai says Sarkar asked me and I told him that this is how justice is done. Sarkar won’t raise hand on your wife, he said no but if you don’t do it then how will justice serve? Shiva looks at Sidhi. Sidhi recalls Jalwa’s words that Shiva takes Akka Bai’s words as holy. Shiva says no Bai, I can’t do this. Bai is shocked and says what did you say? Shiva says you can ask for my life but I can’t raise my hand on my wife. Sidhi is surprised. Bai says Sarkar getting slapped is like I got slapped. Do you even take me as your mother or not? Shiva sits at Bai’s feet and says you are my mother, you can ask for my life and I will happily give it but I can’t slap her. Bai sits in front of him and glares at Sidhi. She starts laughing and says you really thought I would ask you to raise a hand on her? I can never let anything wrong happen with women. She tells Sidhi that Sarkar has lost his path in the last few years, I wanted to slap him but my motherly love gets in between. It’s good that you slapped him and did my work. She gives a gift to Sidhi. Sidhi opens to find a watch inside. Bai says this watch will keep reminding you about good or bad times. Sidhi says it was not needed. I don’t change with time, Shiva didn’t listen to your words but I will follow your orders. It was a joke? Bai says yes it was a good joke, she asks them to leave. Sidhi glares at her and goes with Shiva.

Shiva and Sidhi come outside the house. She says I will go to mandir. He says I will drop you home. She says no, I want to be alone for some time. She says thank you. Shiva says mention not. Sidhi says I don’t know if Bai was joking or not but you protected my honor so thank you. She puts Bai’s gift in his car and leaves.

Bhavin tells Bai that this is a danger. Shiva never denied you but you are losing control over him. Bai is angry hearing that.

Bai comes outside the party office and sees Sidhi walking on the road. She takes the car from her driver and starts driving towards Sidhi. She races towards her and sees Sidhi meeting her uncle. She recalls her words and is about to hit Sidhi with her car but turns away just in time, all mud gets splashed over Sidhi. Bai reverses the car and looks at Sidhi. Sidhi glares at her. Bai says sorry, she throws a tissue at her and says I don’t like stains.

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Telecast Date:7th July 2021
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