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Bawara Dil 6th April 2021 Sidhi opens the cupboard and takes out the hard disk. Sidhi says how will I take it to Narpat? She puts it in her clothes and takes it from there.

Mangal tells Shiva that I saw a bad dream, you were taken by some men. I am worried and can’t send him away. Yashwant says it’s just a dream. Sidhi comes there. Yashwant says don’t worry Shiva will handle everything. Sidhi thinks how will I go from here? Shiva tells Mangal that I have to leave today only otherwise Akka Bai will feel bad, it’s fine. He starts going into the home while Sidhi is coming. She strikes with him and the clothes fall down. Shiva picks her clothes. Sidhi is tensed that he might see the disk but he just gives it to her. Mangal asks where she is taking the clothes? Sidhi says I am going to give it for ironing. Shiva says the servant will take it. Sidhi says no, it’s my valuable clothes so I will take them. She leaves from there. Shiva looks on and stops her. He sees her dupatta stuck in the car and takes it out. Sidhi sighs and leaves from there.

Sidhi comes to the place and looks for Narpat’s man. Narpat’s man comes there and transfers the files to his laptop. Sidhi asks him to work fast. She gets Malini’s call who asks if she is fine? Sidhi says I am fine. Malini asks why she is huffing? Sidhi says nothing. Malini says you are going to Mahabaleshwar? Sidhi says yes, we are leaving today. Malini says if you don’t want to go then.. Sidhi says I will take care of myself, don’t worry. Narpat’s man transfers everything and gives the drive to her. Sidhi ends the call and leaves from there.

Shiva and Sidhi start leaving the house. Shiva asks her to wait. He goes into the room and opens the cupboard. Sidhi hides and looks at him. Shiva says who messed my cupboard? He looks around and finds the hard disk there. He says the drive is here but this mess? He locks the cupboard and turns to see Sidhi’s anklet lying there. He takes it and comes out of the room. Sidhi is waiting there. Shiva doesn’t give her anklet.

Shiva and Sidhi come to the family. They touch Mangal and Yashwant’s feet. Suddenly Kaka falls down and shivers. Mangal says to call the doctor. Yashwant says I have the solution. He takes a slipper and hits him. Mangal says what are you doing? He has a seizure. Yashwant says I am doing his treatment. He slaps him again so Kaka gets up and says I am totally fine. Yashwant says he is my brother so I know him. Kaka says I am totally fine now. Shiva smiles. Mangal thinks I can’t stop them now. Yashwant asks Shiva and Sidhi to leave. Sidhi goes from there. Shiva picks their bags and leaves.

Scene 2
Shiva puts bags in the car and asks Sidhi to look at them. Sidhi looks at the bag and sits in the car. Shiva gives her anklet and says you forgot it. Sidhi recalls how she had taken it off in the room so he couldn’t hear her. Sidhi takes it and looks away. Shiva asks why she looks tensed? I am not taking you forcefully. I will book a separate room there and we won’t have to face each other. Sidhi says and when we come back, everything will be changed. Shiva says what do you mean? Sidhi says I mean we wouldn’t have to look at each other there. Sonal comes there and teases them. Shiva drives away.

Shiva is driving when he gets a call.. he is shocked and says okay. He ends the call and says the inspector called. He found something about Gaurav, we have to go to the police station.

Shiva and Sidhi arrive at the station. Sidhi asks the inspector what he knows? The inspector says we couldn’t identify the body so we did the DNA test and the good news that it was not Gaurav’s body. Sidhi is stunned and says it means.. he is alive? The inspector says yes. Shiva says then whose body it was? The inspector says we are investigating. Sidhi says then how did the ring reach there? The inspector says we don’t know the answers but we will let you know if we find anything. Sidhi smiles and says Gaurav is alive. The inspector tells Shiva that we might call you back, Shiva nods. Sidhi goes away from there and says Gaurav is alive, she smiles and says I knew nothing would happen to him. Shiva comes to her and gives her a tissue. Sidhi wipes her tears and doesn’t take it. Shiva says you had too much poison against me as you thought I killed Gaurav, now you know that I didn’t kill Gaurav, even police said he is alive. Sidhi says he is alive but where? She says you must know where he is, you must have done something with him, please tell me where he is? Shiva says you are still alleging me? If I had done something then I wouldn’t be scared to admit it, I didn’t do anything with Gaurav. The police are investigating and if he is alive then the truth will come out soon. Sidhi says how can I trust you? You threatened to kill Gaurav in front of me so how can I trust you? Shiva looks on.

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