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Bawara Dil 5th May 2021 Shiva and Sidhi are looking for the cockroach and get close. Shiva looks at Sidhi, she hints what? Shiva says it ran away? She says really? Shiva says your screaming might have scared it. Sidhi says sure? Please look again, they can come back anytime. Shiva nods and looks on.

Mangala is in the car and says I have to reach home fast, I can’t let that girl near Shiva.

Shiva and Sidhi get up from the couch. Shiva says it’s gone. Sidhi says are you sure? Shiva says yes. Sidhi says I am scared. Shiva says it’s gone. He asks her to get down from the couch. He offers his hand. Sidhi holds it and gets down from the couch but slips and falls in Shiva’s arms. They both look at each other. She asks him to leave her. Shiva drops her. Sidhi glares at him and leaves.

Sidhi is eating, Shiva comes there and starts eating. Sidhi thinks I should go to my parents’ house, he is behind me today. Shiva thinks I have to take the selfie fast as she is glaring at me so much. Sidhi asks him if he needs anything? Shiva says yes.. salt. Sidhi says salt is not good for health. Shiva says you know everything about everything. Sidhi gives him salt and says have it for all I care. Shiva sees her eating fast and asks her to calm down. She says I have to go to my parents’ house. Shiva thinks I have to do something fast. He moves his chair near Sidhi. Sidhi turns and gets scared to see him beside her. She says why are you behind me today? Shiva says cockroach can come back so I came here for your safety. Sidhi nods and starts eating again. Shiva tries to take a selfie but she leaves from there.

Mangala says I should call Shiva. She calls him but he is busy trying to take a selfie. Sidhi sees Shiva around her and asks what’s happening? He says nothing. Shiva sees Jalwa calling and leaves.

Jalwa asks Shiva if he took the selfie? Shiva says don’t call me again and again, what is this job? Jalwa says I will tell Akka Bai that you can’t. Shiva says no, I am doing it, he ends the call.

Ishwar gets Sidhi’s call. She asks how is he? He says I am fine. Sidhi says all are fine here. I am coming to meet you. Ishwar says I am going for a meeting in mandir, Sidhi says I will meet Ayi till then. Shiva comes into the room and closes the door. He thinks I have to take the selfie now. He stands behind her and tries to take a selfie. He gets Mangala’s call and cuts it in haste.

Mangala says why did Shiva cut my call? What is going on. I have to reach there fast. She comes home and says I have to see what’s going on between them.

Shiva sees the cockroach on Sidhi’s shoulder. He is stunned and tries to grab it. Sidhi is busy talking to her father when he grabs it. Sidhi turns and slaps Shiva out of instinct. Mangala opens the door and sees it. She asks how dare you to slap my son? Shiva says it’s not like that. He shows the cockroach to her and says it was on her shoulder. He shows it to Sidhi, she looks on. Shiva throws it away and says why would she slap me? She is mature enough. Sidhi looks away. He asks Mangala why she is back? She says yes, I was not feeling well so I came back, Shiva asks her to go and rest. I will bring some juice for you. She leaves from there. Shiva glares at Sidhi and starts leaving. He takes out his phone and takes a selfie with her. Sidhi is confused. Shiva calls Jalwa and says I have sent the selfie to you. He glares at her and leaves. Sidhi says I am a fool, what did I do?

Scene 2
Jalwa looks at the selfie and sees them both angry. He gets Soni’s call, she asks if the work is done? Jalwa says yes but look at it. Soni looks at their angry faces and says what kind of a selfie is this? What happened between them now?

Sidhi tells Soni that I mistakenly slapped Shiva, it was a mistake. Soni says what? Sidhi says it was a reflex action. What did I do.. Soni asks if Shiva said anything? Sidhi says no, he just took a selfie and left. Soni thinks what a selfie. Sidhi says what to do now? Soni says let’s talk to him. She calls him and puts on speaker. She asks when is he coming back? Shiva says I am not coming back. Soni says I talked to Sidhi, she didn’t do anything deliberately, it was a reflex action and a mistake, she is feeling bad. Shiva looks on. Soni asks him to answer. Shiva says tell your Sidhi that I don’t keep any baggage with me, I return it with markup. Sidhi gets scared and holds her cheek. She thinks I don’t know where this fight will lead now.

In the night, Mangala tells Kaka that Sidhi slapped my son, how dare she. Kaka says Shiva denied it. Mangala says when I opened the door, Shiva was holding his cheek. I won’t spare that girl today. Yashwant comes there and asks what happened? Mangala says Sidhi slapped Shiva. Yashwant says that might be a misunderstanding. Sidhi comes there. Mangala grabs her and starts dragging her to mandir. She asks her to promise that she didn’t slap Shiva? Sidhi says I agree that I slapped Shiva. Yashwant is stunned. Sidhi says I didn’t do it deliberately, it was a reflex action. Mangala says I don’t know all that, you just insult my son all the time, you put him down all the time. Yashwant pinches Mangala and she is about to slap him as a reflex. Yashwant holds her hand and says Sidhi was talking about this reflex. Sidhi didn’t slap Shiva deliberately. He asks Mangala to end this matter now. Mangala angrily leaves from there. Yashwant leaves from there. Sidhi prays to God to forgive her for this mistake.

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