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Bawara Dil 4th August 2021 Soni comes to Akka Bai’s house. She is about to go inside but Sidhi pulls her aside and asks what are you doing? Soni says it’s all my fault. Sidhi says don’t say that. Soni says Shiva talked to me before the competition, he told me that he would win the competition for me. He jumped in the river and you are being blamed for everything. I am responsible for his condition. She says I have decided to marry Sarkar and would request Bai to find a good doctor for Shiva. Sidhi says Shiva put his life in danger to keep you away from Sarkar, you think he would be able to bear that you got married to Sarkar? Nothing will happen to him, he has helped so many people and they are all praying for him, he has to get fine.

Sidhi comes to Shiva’s wardroom and says I am really sorry. I always thought wrong about you, please wake up. Everyone is worried about you, we all need you. Please wake up. She cries for him, Sidhi sees Shiva’s hand moving, he opens his eyes. Sidhi smiles seeing him awake, she says I will call everyone but Shiva holds her hand and says don’t call anyone, I need to talk to you. He says my whole life is yours, you have saved me, I am in your debt for life now. Sidhi holds his hand and says don’t say that. Shiva says I don’t know what happened to me, I was dizzy and couldn’t find that Baja. He asks what happened about the competition? Sidhi says we will cancel Soni and Sarkar’s marriage once you become fine, you have fulfilled your duty after putting your life in your danger. Shiva says this all was possible because of your favor.

Sidhi says I thought you wouldn’t go against Akka Bai so I planned with Narpat, I gave you the sleeping pills in the laddos, I did everything for Sonal, I didn’t have a choice, I have done a mistake, please forgive me. Shiva looks away from her. His heartbeats increases so she calls the doctor. Sidhi asks what happened to him? The doctor checks him and says he is no more, Sidhi is stunned… it all turns out to be Sidhi’s dream and Shiva is still in coma. Jalwa comes there and says to Sidhi that Shiva has helped so many people that’s why was alright whole night. Yashwant comes there and says Shiva is not in danger anymore. Sidhi leaves from there.

Sidhi comes to her father’s house. Malini goes to her and asks what happened? Sidhi hugs her and cries. She asks what happened? Sidhi says I am a coward, I feel filthy, just bless me and take me out of this mess. Malini asks how is Shiva? Sidhi says he is not fine, I am filled and I want to speak, you will trust me, right? Malini nods. Sidhi says I am responsible for his condition, I gave him the laddo which had sleeping pills. Malini is stunned. Sidhi says I didn’t want him hurt, I just wanted him to lose the competition so Sonal and Sarkar won’t get married. I thought Shiva won’t do anything for his sister but he put his life in danger, he knew that Narpat’s participant was a killer but even then he jumped in the river. He would have fought that killer but I gave him the sleeping pills so he couldn’t defend himself.

Narpat lied to me. I have done a mistake, you should punish me. I should go to the police. Malini says you did everything for Soni, you got played by Narpat. If you want to do something then repent your mistake. Sidhi says I can go to the police. Malini says nothing will come out of it, Bai will get Soni married to Sarkar then, Shiva’s sacrifice will go to waste. Sidhi says I don’t have any proof. Malini says you have done a mistake so you have to rectify everything, just go and take care of Shiva, be with him till your last breath, don’t let him lose. Go and complain against Narpat and Baja. Sidhi says how? I have no proof against him. Malini says just think and find something, find a way out. You don’t have to lie but you don’t have to tell the complete truth as then Narpat will be free. Sidhi says you are right, I will get Shiva’s attackers punished.

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