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Bawara Dil 3rd June 2021 The new teacher comes to Shiva’s house. Sidhi asks what do you want? She says I want to meet Shiva, I don’t talk to maids. Vijiya comes there and says who is she? she is too dressed up for her to be a new maid? Jalwa comes there and says she is Malvi, she is a new teacher for Soni. Vijiya says a new maid was to come today. Jalwa says yes, she is here. He brings Radha inside so Vijiya takes her. Malvi asks where is the student. Soni comes there. Jalwa says she is the small sister of Shiva. Malvi takes him aside and says you said she is a baby, I can’t teach college girls. Malvi sees Shiva coming there and becomes mesmerized.

Jalwa asks if she can teach her or not? Malvi says it will work for me. She asks who is this? Jalwa says he is Shiva. Malvi says what does he do? Jalwa says he owns some hotels and takes care of Akka Bai’s business. Malvi talks to Shiva and says how do you find time for the gym? You are fit. Shiva says I like to workout. She says I want to see your hotel someday. Shiva says you can visit with Jalwa.

Malvi says I want to understand you better. Sidhi gets jealous and says she wants to meet him alone. Shiva says I have some work and leaves. Soni takes Malvi inside the house. Malvi asks if Shiva has a girlfriend? Soni says he is married. Malvi says what? Soni introduces Sidhi and says she is his wife. Malvi thinks Shiva did a mistake, he is a hero and this girl looks like a maid. Malvi goes inside the house. Soni says I don’t want to study from her, she is more interested in Shiva. Sidhi says respect her as a teacher, just focus on your studies. Soni goes inside.

Sidhi is in her room and keeps recalling Malvi flirting with Shiva. She tries to focus on her studies but can’t. Shiva comes there and asks how is the new teacher for Soni? Sidhi says you must have found the perfect one. She called you to meet her alone in the hotel. Shiva says why would I meet her? I will just offer her some tea and ask her to leave. He says I have to go to the hotel. Sidhi says you must be in a hurry to meet her. Shiva says I am going there to meet the food inspector, why are you angry?

Sidhi says because I have a habit of fighting and being angry. Do you have any problem? Shiva thinks what happens to her suddenly? He says I am going. Sidhi says just go. Shiva says I need my sunglasses. Sidhi throws the box at him and says wear these too. Shiva opens the box to see the glasses broken. Sidhi says so what? You can get another one. Shiva says it’s fine, he leaves from there. Sidhi throws a quilt away in anger. She says why am I getting angry if he wants to meet that teacher?

Shiva is leaving the house but Yashwant stops him and says Vijiya told me that a teacher looks like a model. We don’t need a model to teach Soni. You should find out how that girl is. Shiva says I just asked Jalwa to find her. Yashwant asks if Sidhi met and approved her? Shiva says yes, she met her. The maid thanks Shiva and leaves. Shiva leaves from there. Mangala tells Kaka that Shiva brought a maid for his wife. Kaka says he worries about you too. Mangala says I won’t let Sidhi study.

Sidhi’s eyes burn. Vijiya asks what happened? She check her eye and sees it red. Vijiya says let’s go to the doctor. They leave from there.

At the night time, Shiva comes home. Vijiya stops him and says Sidhi can’t even open her eye, the doctor said it’s an eye infection. You keep the light open at night so she ties the blindfold which gave her an infection. Go and meet her.

Sidhi is resting on her bed. Mangala comes there and asks whose happiness you couldn’t see? Shiva comes there so Mangala says I was asking her how is her eye. Sidhi says I am fine, it’s an infection, they have given me some drops. Vijiya asks Sidhi to come so she can cast evil eye off. Shiva asks her to go. Vijiya asks them both to come. Mangala sends Sidhi and Shiva off. She looks at her eye drops. Mangala makes a juice of onion and chilies. She puts the liquid in her eye drops. Shiva looks at Sidhi and says this is happening because of me with her. He says sorry, you have this infection because of me. Sidhi says I will be fine. Mangala thinks it’s good if she keeps her eyes closed.

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