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Bawara Dil 30th June 2021 Vijiya comes into her room. Vailash tries her to stop from opening the cupboard. He sends her from there and looks at Sidhi’s idol. He takes it from there.

Shiva arrives home and stops Soni. He asks where is Masterni? Soni says her name is Sidhi so call her that. Shiva asks where is Sidhi? Soni says where is the idol? Shiva says what idol? Soni says you don’t know? Her idol went missing.

Shiva comes to Sidhi and says I didn’t do anything with your idol, how can I do anything with my baba’s gift? Why would I take your idol? I will find it anyway. Vailash hears it and is scared. Sidhi tells Shiva that girl is nice. Shiva says what? Sidhi says do you have any idea what is going on? Shiva says what is it? Sidhi says you are in demand, marriage proposals are coming for you. Mangala has selected Sukanya for you, their family came and your Ayi like the girl. I am not jealous, you would make a good couple with her. Shiva says this is all rubbish. He goes from there. Sidhi cries.

Vailash brings Sidhi’s idol outside the house and hides it in Yashwant’s bag so Shiva can’t find it.

Shiva comes to Mangala and asks if a family came today? She says yes but why are you angry? I wanted to talk to you. I think about your future, the truth is that Sidhi will go back to her house after six months so I have decided to get you married again. Shiva asks her to stop all this, everyone takes my permission but you are taking my life decision without asking me? Mangala says I want my son to be married, what’s the problem with that? Yashwant comes there and asks her if she has gone mad? Mangala says Sidhi will leave him so he will be alone for life? Yashwant says he won’t be alone, Sidhi is here, stop making plans, he is already married, she is staying here so have you gone mad? Mangala says I get insulted because of that girl. I asked her before calling the girl’s family. Sidhi gave me permission but you both keep scolding me. Sidhi can’t even take care of an idol and she will take care of my son? That’s why I want him to get married again. Shiva says enough. He goes to Sidhi and holds her hand. He brings her to Mangala and shows their joined hands. He says she is my wife, she is Sidhi Shiva Lashkare, I can’t even think about anyone else. Sidhi looks at him and pulls her hand back. She says why do this drama in front of everyone? They know the reality of our relationship. Mangala is not wrong, you said yourself that this marriage is a contract for 6 months so why this drama now? Do you want baba’s acceptance again? That’s why you are lying? Shiva says since we got married, I always honored you, I promise I never thought about anyone else after I got married to you. You are my wife and I can’t get married legally or morally. I am already married, even if you leave me after 6 months, you are the girl in my life and there would be no one else. Now you can take this truth as you want. Also, I am talking as Shiva Lashkare, your husband and not Baba’s son. He goes from there.

Scene 2
Shiva sits on the porch and says I am tired of all this. I can’t do this anymore. Do something. He sees Yashwant’s bag there and thinks why is it here? He brings it back into the house and gives it to Yashwant. He says why is it so heavy? Shiva opens it to find Sidhi’s idol inside. Everyone is shocked to see it. Mangala thinks Vailash is useless. Yashwant smiles and gives it to Sidhi, he says I told you it will come back to you. He has blessed you. Just try to understand the hints, just have good intentions. He tells Mangala that I can imagine how this idol reached my bag but I won’t blame anyone. He tells Shiva and Sidhi that I want my Vitthal-Rukmini together from now on fully. Sidhi stares at Shiva.

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Telecast Date:30th June 2021
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