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Bawara Dil 2nd June 2021 Bai asks Sidhi to tell who is the culprit? Sidhi asks Sagar to talk to her, she asks Bai to listen to him. Sagar reluctantly says that I sent Shiva’s video to Narpat. Bai moves towards him but he says wait.. let me complete. When Narpat proposed me to work for him against Shiva then I told Shiva everything, he knew it. Shiva nods. Sagar says Shiva asked me to act as I work for Narpat, I sent the video to Narpat so I could gain his trust and find some dirt on him.

He kept a party last night and he called me there. I found some useful information there, that the sugar mill owner Anant was present there. He supports you but he has a connection with Narpat, he funds him. Bai calls Bhavin and asks where was Anant last night, find out. She ends the call and asks anything else? Sagar says nothing for now but if I keep Narpat on my side then I can give information to you, I just had to send that video to him to gain his trust. Bai tells Shiva that he is a useful man and related to you as well. She thanks Sagar and says don’t ever come in front of me, you are related to Shiva so I am not doing anything. Sagar says but..

Bai says if you can give Narpat’s information to me then you can give my information to Narpat as well, she asks him to get lost. Sagar leaves. Bai folds her hands and says sorry to Shiva. She says I said so much to you in anger, you know how I get in anger. I am your Mai so forgive me. Shiva says don’t say that. Bai says that’s why I am proud to call you my son. She tells Sidhi that you removed the blame from my Shiva so thank you, I really liked that you supported Shiva, be with your husband like this always, bless you both. She greets everyone and leaves. Mangala goes from there. Shiva and Sidhi look at each other. Mangala hides and sees them. Sidhi says mention not. Shiva says who said I would thank you? Sidhi says so you wanted to say in Hindi? Jalwa says thank you Sidhi tai. Sidhi says Sagar is not a cheater, he is just a fool. Shiva says it’s fine. Sidhi says mention not. Shiva smiles and says thank you.

Sagar is walking on the road but Sarkar stops his car and asks if he will work for me? I liked your way of working, you are my man from now on, he leaves from there. Sagar smirks.

Sidhi comes to Yashwant and asks him to come for food. Yashwant says why did you do it? Bai would have thrown Shiva out of the party if you didn’t tell the truth, we lost this opportunity because of you. Sidhi says I did what I felt was right. What did Akka Bai do that he thinks she is a God? Yashwant says I don’t know. Sidhi says Shiva would have been blamed and insulted, I didn’t want that for him because I know what it is to live with insult.

All family members sit to have dinner. Mangala is miffed, Yashwant tries to cheer her up. Sidhi serves food to Shiva and keeps putting food in his plate, he smiles and stops her. Yashwant asks Mangala why are you not eating? She glares at Sidhi and says you think the punishment should be given if someone did a mistake right? Sidhi says yes. Mangala says nobody punished Sagar, my son was insulted. Yashwant says what do you want? Mangala says justice is to punish the person who did this mistake. Shiva says just forget it.

Mangala says nobody is worried about justice these days, teachers used to beat our hands with sticks if we did a mistake. Sidhi says what should be the punishment for him? Mangala says he is not my family member, you live in our house, not him. Yashwant asks her to stop it. Sidhi takes a stick and says you can punish me on Sagar’s behalf. Mangala takes the stick. Shiva says what are you saying? Sidhi says it’s between me and her so let it be. She tells Mangala that you can hit my hand as much as you want but don’t destroy the peace of this house. Mangala is about to hit her with the stick but stops.. all look on. She throws it away and says this punishment is pending, I don’t want to play with my family’s hunger. She sits to eat food. Sidhi leaves from there. Shiva looks on.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sidhi is working in the kitchen. Shiva comes there and looks on. Sidhi says you need anything? He gets hesitant and keeps following her around. She asks if you want to say something? I don’t have time. Shiva says I am sorry for my mother’s behavior with you. Sidhi smiles and says it’s okay, we can’t keep apologizing to each other because of our families. Shiva says you are right, we already have a lot of reasons to apologize to each other. Sidhi says right, let me work then.

she tries to wash the dishes but he says I will do it, you go and study. Sidhi says I don’t want to her taunts. Shiva says I will handle my Ayi, you just go and study. Sidhi argues with him. Soni comes there and smirks. Shiva scolds Sidhi and asks her to put the dishes down and go. Sidhi gets scared and runs away. Soni laughs and says you have become a lion after marriage? Shiva asks her to go and do her work. Soni says why did you come here? I have heard people get angry at people whom they love? Shiva asks her to go and study, your tutor is coming soon. Soni laughs and leaves.

A modern girl comes to Shiva’s house. Sidhi comes there and asks who are you? The girl says I want to meet Shiva. Sidhi says you can tell me. The woman says I don’t talk to maids, call Shiva. Sidhi gets miffed.

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