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Bawara Dil 29th June 2021 Mangala is taking away Sidhi’s idol. Vijiya comes there to ask about food but Mangala shoos her away. Mangala hides Sidhi’s Vitthal’s idol in Vailash’s cupboard and tells him to take it to the mandir and don’t let anyone know. Vailash says if Shiva finds out then he will not spare me, Mangala says nothing will happen. Mangala calls her relative and asks him to bring his daughter Sukanya as she wants to meet her daughter-in-law. Vailash asks what is going on? Mangala says I have to find a girl for my Shiva, he will go to Bai’s meeting then I will fix his marriage with Sukanya. I need to throw this Sidhi out of the house.

Shiva is leaving the house and asks Soni if she needs anything? Soni says I don’t want to talk to you, just leave. Shiva says don’t do this.. Soni leaves from there. Shiva glares at Sidhi and says this is all happening because of you, he goes from there. Sidhi looks on. Mangala goes and asks her to do her work. Sidhi goes away. Mangala says now she will find out that her idol is missing, I should send Yashwant there too.

Yashwant comes to Sidhi to ask for a needle and thread. He sees Rukmini’s idol there and asks about Vitthal’s idol. Sidhi is stunned to see it gone, she says where did it go? I just put it here. Yashwant says where did it go then? Sidhi says let me search. Sidhi comes into the lounge and asks Vijiya about her idol. Nobody has seen it. Mangala says she can’t even take care of one idol, she doesn’t respect Yashwant’s gift, all curse my son but this girl is so careless, she might have lost the idol. Sidhi says I kept it in my room only. Mangala asks then where is it? Answer me. Sidhi recalls how Shiva was looking at her idol. She says I know where the idol is. She goes from there.

Scene 2
Sidhi calls Shiva and asks where is the idol? He says what? Sidhi says don’t stoop this low in my eyes and just tell me where the idol is? Shiva says I don’t know and I have a lot of work so just leave me alone, he ends the call. Yashwant comes to Sidhi and says don’t worry. Sidhi says that idol is so important to me, I will fin it. Yashwant says I know that it’s yours and it will come back to you so don’t worry.

Sidhi is working in the house and keeps recalling Mangala’s words. She cries. Mangala asks her to go and prepare food for the guests. Sidhi goes away.

Shiva tells his workers that he has to go home early.

Mangala sees Sukanya’s family coming to the house. She welcomes them. The girl’s parents like her house. Mangala says my Shiva has got this house for us. Sidhi brings food for them. Sukanya asks where is Shiva? Mangala says he is busy with party work. Sukanya’s father says we accept this marriage proposal but just ask for Shiva’s acceptance then we can get engagement done. Sidhi is shocked to hear that and drops a teacup. Mangala shouts at her. Sukanya’s father if she is a maid here? Mangala says actually.. Sidhi says sorry, she is right, I am her maid. She takes the cup and goes away. Sukanya’s mother says you are giving nice clothes to the maids, Mangala has a big heart. Sidhi says yes, she treats me like her daughter, right? Mangala glares at her. Sidhi leaves.

Sidhi is crying in the kitchen. Mangala comes there and says don’t worry about the guests. You are also a guest in this house for 6 months, that’s the truth. You have to leave this house soon. I don’t want my son to be alone so I have to find a good wife for him that will stay here for life, did I do anything wrong? Sidhi wipes her tears and says you are worried about your son’s happiness and that’s okay. If you and Shiva are happy with this marriage then I am happy too. Mangala smirks and leaves.

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