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Bawara Dil 28th April 2021 Shiva tells Jhanvi to go away from his house as his wife is coming back. Jhanvi says I am not leaving this house, not going away from you. Shiva grabs her hand and drags her from there. Ishwar and Malini come to Yashwant’s house and says Sidhi is coming here so we came here to welcome her. Shiva brings Jhanvi there and says I don’t want any drama, just go away from my house. The car stops. Jalwa says Sidhi is here. Shiva turns to look at her. Sidhi comes out of the car, Shiva is mesmerized seeing her. Ishwar, Malini and Yashwant smile seeing her. Sidhi is happy to see them. She comes to her parents and gets emotional, all family members come there. Ishwar and Malini hug her tightly and cry. Malini asks if she is fine?

Sidhi nods and hugs Ishwar. Soni, Vijiya rushes to her as well. Jhanvi is angry seeing her. She goes back into the house. Soni tells Sidhi I am so happy to see you back, our happiness is back. Vijiya asks how is she? Sidhi says I am fine. Vijiya blesses her. Shiva comes in front of her, Sidhi looks on. Shiva comes close to her face, Sidhi gets tensed. All are confused, Shiva bows in front of her and takes her bag. Sidhi sighs as she thought he might (hug or kiss) her. Shiva goes from there. Sidhi asks her parents to not cry, I am fine now. Yashwant says we all are happy that’s why we are crying. Jhanvi comes there and says its good that you are back Sidhi. Shiva glares at her. Sidhi comes to Jhanvi and says you? I didn’t recognize you. Jhanvi says you don’t know me but I know you well. Didn’t you see my photos in Shiva’s cupboard? I am Jhanvi..

Jhanvi Shiva Lashkare. All look on. Sidhi is confused and looks at Shiva. Shiva tells Jhanvi that I told you I don’t want any drama, go away with your lie from here. Jhanvi says Sidhi is educated. She gives her the marriage certificate. Sidhi is stunned seeing it and looks at Shiva. Jhanvi asks Ishwar to look at the papers too, they can’t lie. Ishwar looks at the certificate and says you are educated as well Jhanvi, you should know the law of this country. Anyone who wants to remarry has to divorce his first wife, only then he can remarry. If a man has done two marriages at the same time then it’s considered a crime. If this certificate says that you have married Shiva then how could you do a second marriage before Shiva’s divorce? Jhanvi gets embarrassed hearing that. Shiva takes the certificate and tears it in front of Jhanvi. Sidhi says what is all going on? Someone tell me. Yashwant says I will tell you everything, come inside. Mangala says why? Yashwant asks her to be silent. Sidhi eyes Shiva and goes in the house.

Scene 2
Yashwant tells Sidhi that a good man wants to protect his honor. This Jhanvi doesn’t care for her respect, Shiva used to love her 5 years ago but Jhanvi left him for another man. She came back out of nowhere and lied so she could break your marriage with Shiva. Soni says she is lying, she didn’t get married to Shiva. Yashwant tells Sidhi that only you can answer her as you have the power of 7 pheras and not her. Soni asks if she trusts them? Sidhi says I take you all as my family, my relationship with you is from the heart so I will trust you over anyone. Yashwant smiles and blesses her.

Shiva tells Jhanvi that if she doesn’t leave then he will throw her out. Jhanvi says I was brought in this house and I won’t leave till that person throws me out. Shiva says I brought you in this house and I am telling you to leave from here. Sidhi and Yashwant come there. Jhanvi says you didn’t bring me in this house Shiva. Shiva says then who? Jhanvi points her finger at Mangala and says she brought me here. All are shocked. Mangala gets tensed. Jhanvi says she brought me here, she made this plan. I was living my life but she brought me here. Yashwant asks Mangala what is all this? Mangala says she is lying, this woman just wants a place in our house. She can’t blame anyone and think that we will trust her. Jhanvi says I am telling the truth, I have call recordings with her. She gives the phone to Shiva and says all calls are recorded in this.

Mangala says she might have faked my voice and recorded it. Jhanvi says I am not lying Shiva. Shiva takes her phone and throws it away without even hearing the recordings. Mangala smirks. Shiva tells Jhanvi that I don’t need to see any proof, I have given you many chances but you don’t deserve any respect. You thought you could fool me? I knew your plan all along, I was just waiting for the right time. I will show your reality to everyone. Jhanvi says trust me, Mangala is lying. Shiva calls someone and asks him to come into the house. A man enters the house, Jhanvi is shocked to see him, he is Jhanvi’s ex-husband. Shiva says he is Arvind, Jhanvi’s ex-husband. They got divorced. Shiva says Jhanvi claimed that you used to beat her. Arvind laughs and says she could blame anyone for benefit, if I used to beat her then why didn’t she go to the police? I had a lot of money so she left Shiva and married me.

Then my business partner cheated me so I lost my business and had a huge debt. I couldn’t fulfill her wishes so she divorced me. She married me for money and left me for money as well. She keeps lying to everyone. Jhanvi says he is a liar, don’t listen to him Shiva, he used to beat me, trust me. Shiva says love, trust and respect have been lost for you. It’s good if you leave from here. He grabs her hand. Jhanvi begs him to not do it. She runs and takes a knife. She says I won’t go anywhere, she puts the knife on her pulse and says I won’t leave this house alive. She says I just want place in this house, I love you Shiva and be with you otherwise I will kill myself.

Sidhi looks on. Shiva says you won’t gain anything doing all this. Jhanvi says I just want your answer. Yashwant asks Jhanvi to not be crazy, think about her parents. Sidhi says cut.. Shiva won’t have a relationship with you so cut your arm. Shiva smirks. Jhanvi acts like cutting her wrist but can’t. Sidhi says now listen to me, you don’t have the guts to kill yourself. You can’t force love on others, if you want to stay in this house then you can’t force others. You can’t threaten others with your life, if you had guts then you wouldn’t be standing here with this knife. She takes the knife from her and cuts her hand. All are shocked.

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