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Bawara Dil 26th April 2021 Mangala asks Bunty to bring all the trash of the house. She gives him money, he says I will bring it. Bunty comes to the kitchen and starts taking out the trash. Vijiaya comes there and asks what he is doing? Bunty says I was going to throw away the trash as a responsible guy. He leaves from there.

Bunty brings the trash to Mangala. She looks at Ishwar and Malini sitting in the garden and says you have to throw it on them. He says I can’t do that, Mangala gives him 200rs and says now throw it. Bunty looks on. Mangala says now they will know how I take revenge on them.

Yashwant tells Mangala that I am going to talk to Ishwar and Malini. Mangala says let them keep sitting outside. Yashwant says you want them to be hungry and sit outside the whole night? Do you have humanity at least? I am going to talk to them. He leaves.

Shiva comes to his workout room and starts hitting the punching bag. He recalls everything, his moments with Sidhi, their arguments.

Yashwant comes to Iswhar and Malini. He says I am requesting you both to come inside otherwise I will sit with you both here, it’s your choice now. Narpat comes there and asks what is happening in this village? Ishwar is a respected man and this happening with him? He is not alone, I will sit with him. He asks where is our Sidhi sister? He tells Ishwar that I have given the news to the media, we will fight to get justice for her. Yashwant asks Ishwar if you think this is all right? This is our family matter, do you think it should become a headline? Come inside, please. Ishwar looks on. Mangala says they don’t deserve to be talked to, they like to do drama all the time. Yashwant asks her to stop it, they have lost a daughter, it’s their pain. Ishwar tells Malini that we will go back home, we don’t want this drama, we just want our Sidhi back. We had to bear when our family matter became news before, we can’t do it again. Narpat tells him that you are not alone, we have to pressurize them. Ishwar says it’s our family matter so don’t get involved. Ishwar tells Yashwant that we are leaving now but we want our daughter back, we won’t be silent till then. Narpat says I will follow you everywhere. He goes with them. Mangala tells Yashwant that they keep insulting us like we are trash.. Suddenly trash is thrown from the roof on Mangala. Yashwant laughs and says you reap what you sow. Mangala says this is all happening because of this cheap family. Shiva comes there and says I am going to Pune. Yashwant says I have sent Ishwar and Malini home. Shiva says I will not come back till I find her. Shiva gets a video call of Sidhi. He says you? Where are you? How have you been? Sidhi smiles at him. Yashwant says Sidhi? We are all worried for you, where are you? Sidhi says I am fine, I am in Pune. I am in quarantine and have been trying to call the parents. Yashwant says what do you mean you are quarantined? Sidhi says my COVID-19 test came out positive so they quarantined me. Shiva looks on.

Scene 2
Shiva comes to Ishwar and Malini’s house. Ishwar asks what happened? Shiva says you were asking me about your daughter. Here she is. He gives them her video call. Malini cries seeing her. Sidhi cries seeing them on call. Ishwar asks if she is fine? Sidhi says I am fine, Sagar asks where is she? Malini asks how are you? We were so worried about you. Sidhi says when I was leaving for the police station that day, I called Ashish but he saw that I have a fever. We went to the doctor and they took my test, my result was positive so I had to quarantine. Ishwar asks if she is fine now? Sidhi says I am recovering. Sagar says why didn’t you call us? Sidhi says I lost my phone, Ashish didn’t have a phone. I didn’t get a phone in this quarantine facility. I tried calling you all but couldn’t get through. Then I called Shiva but it got disconnected. Ishwar and Malini get embarrassed recalling how they called Shiva a liar. Malini asks when is she coming back? Sidhi says I am recovering. Malini says I just want you back home soon, Sidhi says don’t cry. I will be back soon. Shiva sees the family talking to her and gets emotional. Sidhi asks the family to not worry anymore, I am ending the call. Ishwar and Malini look at Shiva. Malini recalls how harsh she has been with Shiva. Ishwar gives the phone to Shiva and says we misunderstood everything, we didn’t trust you and talked to you like a criminal. You kept trying to tell us but we didn’t trust you. We are sorry, he folds his hands but Shiva stops him and says I am younger than you. She is fine and that is what matters. He tells Malini that I promised you I will bring your daughter, I will make sure that she has everything there. I will bring her back soon. He touches Ishwar and Malini’s feet and leaves from there. Malini looks on.

In the morning, Soni hugs Shiva and says Sidhi is fine? Shiva smiles and says yes she will be back soon. Soni says why is he blushing? You are glowing since you got her call. Jalwa comes there. Shiva asks Soni to pack the bag for her. Soni teases him and goes. Shiva tells Jalwa that you have to stay in Pune till she is there, you can’t meet her but stay there. Jalwa says I will handle everything. Shiva gives him money and says to give a new phone to her. Soni brings her bag, Jalwa takes it from there. Soni tells Shiva that I can see it in your eyes. Shiva says what? Soni says I can see worry and love for her in your eyes. Shiva sighs and says don’t say this again, she is my responsibility, I became a criminal for everyone but she called yesterday and told me everything. It’s good that she is fine. Mangala says he is right, they all acted like Shiva is a criminal. My Shiva is so caring that he would take care of any street dog also. She leaves from there. Soni asks Shiva if he will treat Sidhi the same way? Shiva says I have never misbehaved with her. Soni says I know you don’t love her but you got worried for her. You have even asked Jhanvi to leave so everything will be fine. Jhanvi comes there so Soni goes from there. Shiva asks Jhanvi why she is still here? Jhanvi says where will I go? Shiva says don’t have any hope for me.

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