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Bawara Dil 25th June 2021 Sidhi enters the function and glares at Shiva. Bai looks at her and smirks. Bai brings her on the stage and says our daughter-in-law is here, she takes a lot of time to get ready. Mangala says we were waiting for this girl? Bai says Sidhi is looking nice, all chant for Sidhi. The media follow Sidhi. Bai whispers to Sidhi that you really don’t keep favors, you are like me only. Malini hugs her. Bai says now Sidhi will do pooja to pray for Shiva and marry him for 7 lives.

Sidhi is feeling dizzy. Bai offers her a pooja but Sidhi goes to take off her shoes first. Shiva notices her being dizzy and thinks what happened to her? Sidhi starts doing pooja. Jalwa says we will do pooja after Sidhi finishes it. Sidhi thinks I am not feeling well, God please help me today. She starts tying thread to the tree. Vijiya tells Soni that Sidhi didn’t eat anything last 2 days. Bai goes to Narpat and says I am liking your angry face now, my pooja is going well. Narpat looks at Sidhi and laughs, he says Sidhi has to do 7 pheras to complete her pooja but look at her.

Sidhi is about to fall down but composes herself. Shiva is tensed looking at her. Sidhi is getting tired but keeps doing her pheras. Narpat starts recording her video. All villagers are looking at Sidhi. Sidhi stops taking pheras and is about to faint but Shiva runs and catches her just in time. Sidhi looks at him. Shiva lifts her in his arms and starts taking pheras with her. Gustakhiyan plays. They complete pheras together, Sidhi faints in Shiva’s arms. Malini rushes to her. Jalwa brings something sweet, Shiva offers it to Sidhi.

She recalls how Shiva said he is doing all this for his party. She doesn’t eat it from his hand. Malini asks her to eat. Sidhi reluctantly eats from his hand. All women are happy to see that. A woman says she broke her fast. Sidhi moves away from Shiva. All chant in Sidhi’s favor. Sidhi hugs Malini.

All family members come home. Yashwant is there, he says I came for the pooja. He says men should also fast for women. Vijiya asks Sidhi to come and eat something. Mangala says we all kept a fast. Vijiya says Sidhi had to fast for 2 days. She did chants of Vishnu the whole day without eating. Yashwant says but why? Mangala says come and rest. She takes him from there.

Sidhi is sitting at the dining table. Shiva comes there and says eat something. He offers her food and says I am hungry since yesterday also. Sidhi holds his hand to stop him but he sadly offers her food. Sidhi slightly smiles at him.

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Telecast Date:25th June 2021
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