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Bawara Dil 22nd April 2021 Jhanvi calls Narpat and says your certificate has done wonders. Narpat says this is just the start. Jhanvi says I feel Shiva won’t accept me easily, if he doesn’t agree to something then he never accepts it. If his wife returns then our plan will fail. Narpat says don’t worry and leave thinking to me, his wife hasn’t returned for two days. She might have run away with someone. Jhanvi says you are right Narpat. Shiva enters the house and looks at Jhanvi. She cuts the call and gets tensed. She says you? Shiva says I thought to save my respect and get done with this. I have come to take you with me. Jhanvi is surprised and says you mean? Shiva says we got married so let’s do the rituals.

Shiva brings Jhanvi home. All family members come out. Mangala says I will prepare for the welcome. Vijiya says what are you doing Shiva? Yashwant says they got married so it’s not wrong, she is our daughter-in-law so she will stay with us. Soni says what? He can’t give Sidhi’s place to someone else like this, this is wrong. Mangala asks to stop it, I will welcome my DIL. She asks Jhanvi to come inside. Mangala does Jhanvi’s aarti. Jhanvi kicks the rice bowl and goes inside. Shiva looks at Yashwant and smirks.

Mangala brings Jhanvi inside and says I will take you to Shiva’s room. Shiva says no, give her some other room. Mangala says she is your wife so she should stay with you. Shiva says no, give her another room. Mangala says okay and takes Jhanvi from there.

Bai gets Deshmukh’s call and says that girl is not missing, my enemies are just trying to malign my name. I will be careful that there will be no posters of her. Deshmukh says we can’t let anyone play with our honor. He ends the call. Bhavin calls Bai and says there is some issue. She says what?

Yashwant tells Shiva that we have to focus on finding Sidhi. Shiva says yes, I am going to Pune. Bai calls him and says what are you doing? I told you to find Sidhi but you brought some other girl in your house? Have you gone crazy? Shiva says trust me, I am doing all this for Sidhi and me. Bai says my respect and victory are tied to you, elections are near so we can’t afford any mistake. Shiva says I will make everything fine. He ends the call and goes into the house.

Shiva comes to his room. Jhanvi asks where he is going? Shiva says I have some work, I will be back in 2 days. Jhanvi says what will I do alone here? I know my way was wrong but I love you a lot, I feel like if I didn’t leave you then we would still be together. Shiva says I am getting late. Jhanvi says I have to talk to you. Shiva says leave me alone Jhanvi. Jhanvi says you act like I am a stranger, call me Janu. Shiva says stop it. Jhanvi holds his hand and says you love me right? Shiva pulls his hand away and says leave me alone. He starts leaving. Jhanvi asks if he loves Sidhi? Shiva pushes her away but she asks if he is in love with Sidhi? Shiva recalls all his moments with Sidhi, how she used to hate him. He is about to leave but gets a video call from some number. He takes the call and sees Sidhi on the call. Shiva gets elated and says you? He says hello… there is a lot of disruption and he can’t hear her. Jhanvi cuts the call before they could talk. Shiva says why did you do it? Jhanvi says I did it for your benefit. Shiva says you don’t have to think about it. Jhanvi says if Sidhi found out your first wife is here then.. Shiva says you are nothing to me Jhanvi. He tries to call Sidhi again and goes from there. Jhanvi thinks why Shiva is going crazy for that Sidhi.

Scene 2
Shiva comes to Yashwant and says Sidhi called. He asks where is she? Shiva says I couldn’t talk to her, I am trying to call her but there is no network. Yashwant takes the number and tries to call her. Malini and Ishwar come there. Ishwar asks if the news is true? Shiva says did you get a call from her as well? Malini says Sidhi? Shiva says she video called me from a number. Malini says it means Sidhi has been found? Shiva says the call got disconnected. Malini says the call came but you couldn’t find her? Shiva says we will find her soon. Malini says stop lying to us, you don’t have time for Sidhi. You have got a new wife. Jhanvi comes there. Ishwar asks Shiva if Jhanvi is his wife? Jhanvi says yes. I am Jhanvi Shiva. Malini grunts and recalls how Yashwant came to meet them and told them that Sidhi is his daughter, I will keep her away from every pain. Malini tells Yashwant that you called Sidhi your daughter but you accepted all this? Why did you lie to us? Mangala comes there and says yes he lied, what can you do? Malini says I just want my daughter back. Mangala asks her to stop doing drama, we don’t know where she is. Malini says I need my daughter back. Shiva asks Malini to trust him. Malini says I have no faith in you, you promised me to find my daughter but I can see where you have been busy. Yashwant says we are trying to call Sidhi, trust me. Malini says trust you? I will never do that mistake again. Mangala says why do you keep coming here like beggars? Shiva says don’t say that Ayi. Malini says yes I can beg for my daughter, till my daughter doesn’t return, I won’t go back from here. Mangala says Bai got them married so go to her. Ishwar says we will go to her but our daughter got married to your son, he took her to Pune so we will ask questions from him, where is Sidhi? Malini says till my daughter is not found, I will not go back from this house. She goes and sits in their garden. Ishwar glares at Yashwant. Shiva sighs and leaves from there.

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