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Bawara Dil 1st July 2021 Yashwant tells Vijiya that we are going out to eat. He calls Sidhi and says we are going out. Vijiya says I am sorry, I can’t come as my sister is coming so I am going to mom’s house. Yashwant says I can change the plan. Vijiya says no no, I will come with you all next time. She goes from there. Yashwant says tell Mangala also. He asks Sidhi to tell Soni that they are going out. Soni says you can tell him yourself. Sidhi looks on.

Sidhi comes to Soni and asks if everything is fine? She says yes, we are going out so I am happy. Sidhi says but when he asked you to inform Shiva, you just changed the subject? Soni says I am angry with Shiva. Sidhi says that’s wrong, it’s my fight with him but he’s your brother, he loves you so much, he can do anything for you so you are lucky. Soni says you think he can do anything for me? Can he accept and respect you like a dedicated and honorable husband if I ask him to? He has hurt your feelings and your heart. Can he promise to cherish you? love you? No right?

Sarkar meets Sagar and asks if he can join his friends’ party? He needs someone to mix ice in his drinks. Sagar says I will come.

Sidhi says they are all going out to eat but I feel something is wrong.

Shiva tells Jalwa that we have to take care of Yashwant. He tells his man that my baba is going to Mumbai, you have to stay near him there, I will give you the salary and a place to stay. You have to take care of him but he shouldn’t know that I sent you there. You should become his friend to keep an eye on him. The man nods and leaves. Jalwa asks Shiva why don’t you tell Yashwant that your man Wasant will stay with him. Shiva says he will never accept. Jalwa says your relationship with him complicated. He turns around to see Sidhi standing there. He says you have heard everything so I am requesting you to not tell anything to him. Sidhi says everyone is going out to eat as baba is leaving so you should come too. Shiva says no you all go, if I come then no one will talk to each other. Because of you, my family hates me, if I snatched something from you then you have answered me back well too by snatching my family’s love so thank you. He leaves. Sidhi looks on.

Sidhi and Sonal arrive at the restaurant. Sidhi goes inside while Soni is touching up her makeup in the car. Sarkar hides in his car and eyes her.

Scene 2
The family sits in the restaurant. Mangala asks if Shiva is coming? Vailash says I don’t know. Sarkar sits at another table and keeps eyeing Sonal lustfully. Sagar sits with Sarkar’s friends. Sarkar asks him to drink, he says I don’t. Sarkar says you have to, Sagar reluctantly drinks it. Sarkar throws a fake snake at Sagar and asks him to go to the female washroom and put it there. Sagar says how can I? Sarkar says you have to be strong to be with me.

Jalwa comes to Shiva and says you didn’t go to the restaurant with the family? Baba is leaving tomorrow so you should go. Shiva thinks I am feeling uneasy, like something is wrong.

Sagar goes to the female washroom and puts the fake snake on the door. He starts leaving, Sidhi sees him and is confused. Sagar comes to Sarkar and says work is done. Sarkar goes from there. Sidhi sees him go and follows him.

Soni comes out of the washroom and gets scared seeing the fake snake. Sarkar comes there and grabs her. He tries to molest her. Soni cries for Sidhi. Shiva is entering the restaurant. He comes to the table. Yashwant says he finally had time for us. Shiva looks around and asks where is Soni?

Sidhi comes near the washroom and sees Sarkar molesting Soni. She pushes him away and slaps him hard. She shouts to never look at a girl again, just remember this slap and it will tell you that girls are not weak. She takes Soni from there. Sarkar is angry and says how dare she raise her hand on me? I won’t spare her now.

Sidhi hugs Sonal and asks if she is fine? It’s good that I reached on time. Let’s go and tell everyone. They come to the table to see Shiva there. Sidhi looks on.

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