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Bawara Dil 17th June 2021 Soni tells the family that Sidhi wants to surprise us, I know everything will become fine between Sidhi and Shiva. Mangala comes there and says I want to talk today. Sidhi comes there with Shiva, holding his hand and says I will speak today. She smiles at Shiva and says I want to say something. Mangala says but.. Yashwant says let her speak. Sidhi says since I came in this house, Sonal, Yashwant and Vijiya kept telling me that Shiva is not as he seems.

I never believed it but as time passed, he is not what he seems, he is different. Even my mother told me that Shiva is a very nice guy, I didn’t believe it. When he was in jail, I told him that I will destroy his life but I think I had the wrong impression of him. We get to know about the person when we look closer. We know about a person’s heart and character at the right time. His image started changing in my heart, I felt like he was trying for our relationship. I started respecting him trying to make this work. I had started respecting him but my heart kept telling me I wish I lose this time, I am wrong this time.. she leaves Shiva’s hand and says I was not wrong.

All are confused. Sidhi glares at Shiva and says this man doesn’t have a good personality. He is still the same as before. He is a cheat, cheap and a goon. He is same as when he kidnapped me from my house, he is still selfish like before. Soni says what are you saying about him? Sidhi says listen to the truth. She cries and recalls hearing Shiva’s words in the hotel. When Shiva told Jalwa that this relationship is for Akka Bai only, he did this marriage for elections only and he would end it in six months. Sidhi heard it and cried in the hotel room. Sidhi tells it to the family. She tells Shiva that you do these cheap acts? Answer me! tell me am I saying the truth or not?

You married a girl whose marriage broke because of you. You married me for your party, you respected my parents for your party? You made me respect you for your party? You did everything for my studies for your party? You took me to my exam for your party? You helped me with household work for your part? You did all this for your party and elections? No.. this was all for Akka Bai. She cries and says I am a fool. I thought.. Shiva says enough. Sidhi says why? you can’t hear the truth? Look at this family, they want this forceful relationship to work, they have hopes for us. What you did has hurt me and these people too.

They deserve to know the truth. Sidhi tells Yashwant that I left my happiness when I came to this house, I didn’t know if anything would be okay here. These last days, I thought I could have happiness again but Shiva’s truth brought my pain back, he took away my happiness. She tells Shiva that you have fooled me and this family. You have snatched my happiness and you will bear the punishment someday. She tells the family that I request you all to not make me understand this man, I know him too much, I have never seen a more cruel person than him, not any more so please leave me alone. She goes into the house crying. Soni glares at Shiva and leaves. Mangala smirks and whispers to Vailash that this is what I wanted. Yashwant is disappointed in Shiva and goes from there.

Scene 2
Shiva comes to Yashwant and sadly looks at him. He goes to his cycle and starts cleaning it. Yashwant says don’t touch my cycle. Shiva says I always do it. Yashwant says not anymore, don’t talk to me anymore, now I know my son is not only a goon but a jerk also. He goes from there.

Sidhi comes into her room and is heartbroken. She recalls her moments with Shiva and weeps. Sidhi wipes her tears and starts packing her bag.

Shiva comes to Vijiya but she ignores him. She asks him to leave. Shiva says I want to talk to you. Vijiya says I took you as my son but you have insulted the relationships. Shiva says that masterni is saying anything and you are believing her? Vijiya says her name is Sidhi, if you are ashamed to take your wife’s name then I don’t want to talk to you, leave. Shiva angrily leaves.

Sidhi looks at her books and recalls Shiva helping her. She takes off her jewelry but stops before taking off her mangalsutra. She recalls Yashwant requesting her to respect it.

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