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Bawara Dil 16th June 2021 Shiva comes to his room and sees Sidhi sleeping in bed with his eye cover on her eyes. He smiles and covers her with the sheet.

In the morning, Soni asks for some money from Yashwant. He says why do you need money? He gives her some money. Mangala looks at them and tells Vailash that this was my family, they used to come to me for anything but that Sidhi has taken everything from me. Now no more drama, I will question Sidhi and Shiva directly.

Shiva wakes up and sees Sidhi coming into the room. She smiles at him and says good morning, you didn’t come last night? Shiva says when I came back, you were asleep. Sidhi says you could have woken me up, you didn’t have dinner. Shiva says I didn’t want to disturb you. Sidhi says I have ordered breakfast for you. She says I am going to the mandir, then we will go to the college, she smiles and leaves. Shiva sees a rose and note there, the note says good morning. He finds another note which says good morning again. Shiva says what has happened to her? I didn’t know she could be romantic.

Soni sees Sidhi calling her. Soni asks how are they? Sidhi says we are good. Sidhi says tell Vijiya that we are bringing a surprise. Soni says tell me. Sidhi says I will tell you when we come back. Soni wishes her luck and ends the call.

Sidhi is in the car. Shiva comes there and smiles at her. She says let’s go. Shiva finds a rose and another note there. It reads thank you. Shiva says this? Sidhi says this is my way of saying thank you, I am going to give my exam because of you. Shiva thinks why she is being so romantic? He says I didn’t do anything. Sidhi says you helped me a lot so thank you. Shiva says mention not. They drive away.

Soni hugs Vijiya and says everything will be fine between Shiva and Sidhi now. Mangala comes there and glares at her. Soni says soon we will have Shiva’s daughter. Mangala asks Soni to stop it. Yashwant says she is not wrong, she has the right to dream. Mangala says you come from the office in the early evening, I want to talk.

Scene 2
Shiva brings Sidhi to the college and asks if she brought everything? She nods. Shiva says I will wait for you here. Sidhi says it’s 3 hours. Shiva says don’t worry about anything, if you need anything then let the peon know. Sidhi starts leaving and says you won’t wish me luck? Shiva smiles and says all the best. Sidhi thanks him and starts going to her exam hall, she turns and smiles at him. Shiva gives her a thumbs up. Sidhi blushes and goes inside.

Shiva is waiting in his car when Sidhi comes there. He says you came back? Did you forget anything? Sidhi says yes, you were here, I didn’t want you to wait for me so I came back.. it turns out to be Shiva’s dream. Sidhi nudges him. He says you came back early? Sidhi says I finished my paper so submitted it, you were waiting for me so I came. Shiva asks how was the paper? Sidhi says good. He smiles and drives away.

Shiva and Sidhi come back home. Shiva offers his hand to her, Sidhi takes it and gets down from the jeep. They go into the house. Shiva leaves. Soni hugs Sidhi and asks what’s the surprise? Vijiya asks how was her paper? Soni says it must have gone well. Sidhi says call everyone here, I will bring Shiva.

Sidhi comes into her room and tells Shiva that I have to give you something special. It’s not a rose. She gives him a box. Shiva opens it to find new pair of glasses. He says what has happened to you today? When did you buy it? Sidhi says I bought it when I went to mandir. Shiva says I like it but I don’t understand what’s going on? Sidhi says you want to know? She offers her hand. Shiva holds her hand, Sidhi says come with me.

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