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Bawara Dil 16th April 2021 Shiva is looking at Sidhi’s blindfold sadly. He recalls how she used to tie it before going to sleep because of the light. How she used to fight with him over the bed. He recalls all their moments, how Sidhi brought gudh (sweets) for him, how they went to mandir together.

In the morning, Shiva is still sleeping on the porch. Yashwant comes to him and says you lied to me, you were not locked in the police station. What happened with Sidhi? Shiva says I was locked up. Yashwant says you think I am a fool? I have contacts in the government, I asked the police station and there was no record of yours there. Shiva says how is this possible? I am not lying. Yashwant says yes all are lying but you are saying the truth? What did you do with Sidhi? Shiva says why are you not trusting me? Yashwant says then where is Sidhi? What did you do with her? Shiva turns to see Malini and Ishwar standing there. Malini glares at him. She says you kidnapped my daughter, you destroyed her life, you forcefully married her.. I was silent all along but if something happens to her now then I will forget that you are her husband. If something happens to her then I am cursing you to die a painful death. Mangala shouts how dare you to curse my son? What’s your status? Malini says I am a mother, don’t force me to show my status. Mangala asks her to get lost, you are a beggar. Malini says I am not begging for my daughter, I can become a lioness for my daughter, this is a warning to you. Mangala pushes her away and says your daughter must have run away with her lover. Malini shouts at her to stop it. Shiva comes in between them and asks Mangala to calm down. He folds his hand and tells Malini that I swear on my Ayi I don’t know where Sidhi is. He says wherever your daughter is, I will find her for sure, I promise you that. All look on. Shiva leaves from there.

Mangala comes to her room and shouts how dare that Malini, she throws things around. Vijiya asks her to calm down. Mangala says that’s why I didn’t want that girl to become DIL. If that girl comes back, I will break her legs and send her back to her parents. Vijiya asks her to not be angry. Mangala says I will not forget all this, I remember every word for Malini, I will make her repay this insult. Vijiya says her daughter is missing so she got angry. Mangala says I didn’t make her disappear so why I was insulted? If that girl comes back in this house then I won’t spare her. Vijiya says I understand your anger but what if Soni was in Sidhi’s place? Mangala glares at her.

Scene 2
Shiva talks to Jalwa and says I searched everywhere but Sidhi is nowhere to be found. Jalwa says what if Narpat is involved in this? I will ask my men and the police in Pune to find some clue. Jhanvi comes there and asks how are you Jalwa? Jalwa says when did you come back? She says I came back here yesterday with Shiva. Shiva asks Jalwa to go and do the work. Jhanvi says let’s meet sometime Jalwa. Jalwa looks at Shiva and leaves. Jhanvi says Jalwa is still the same. She says you remember we three used to hang out. Shiva asks why she is here? Jhanvi says uh.. I came to get some items so thought to meet you. Shiva says I have a lot of work, I have to go. He starts leaving but Jhanvi says I am back forever. Please forgive me, I know I did a mistake but please forgive me, please, just say once that you have forgiven me, please Shiva. Jhanvi says I paid the price of going away from you, my life became worst than a nightmare, only I know how I spent time with that guy, I was losing patience but I have left all that behind. Your memories kept me alive in that hell. I would have died without them. She breakdowns and hugs Shiva. Mangala sees all that from her window and smirks.

Soni is worried for Sidhi. Shiva comes back home, she asks if he found her? Shiva says no, we have asked the police to find some clue. Soni says we should go to Pune and find her. Shiva says don’t worry, nothing will happen to her, I will bring her back soon. He hugs her. Mangala comes there and says don’t stress him. She asks Shiva to come and eat, he says I am not hungry. Mangala says you being hungry won’t make anything right, come with me and eat. She takes him away.

Mangala serves food to Shiva. He says I am not hungry, Mangala says I have cooked your favorite food, you haven’t eaten since last night. Just eat now. She makes him eat and asks how long has this been going on? Shiva says what? Mangala says don’t be shy, did you decide all this before marrying Sidhi or made this plan now? Jhanvi is married so I can find a better girl for you. But if you still love Jhanvi then I am with you. Shiva shouts are you in senses? What are you saying? Mangala says no one knows about you and Jhanvi. Shiva shouts at her to stop it, where did Jhanvi come from? I don’t care about her or her husband. I am just worried about finding Sidhi, I am not thinking about anything else. A man calls Shiva and says Akka Bai has called him. He ends the call and tells Mangala that Sidhi is my wife, if someone else had said all this then I wouldn’t have controlled myself. He leaves from there. Mangala tells Kaka that he will bring Sidhi back. Kaka says he took Sidhi’s name so the matter is serious.

Shiva sits on his porch and remembers the first meeting with Sidhi. How she got him arrested, how he kidnapped her and her marriage broke. How they got married. He looks at his wedding ring and their moments together.

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