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Bawara Dil 14th June 2021 Sidhi tells Mangala that I have a piece of good news for you. My exam got postponed today and will happen the day after tomorrow, I will go to give the exam as I think God is with me, he wants me to give the exam. No one will be able to stop me now. Soni says what news. Sidhi says yes, I don’t have to give up my books but we can sell those magazines. Mangala asks her to get lost. Sidhi leaves with Soni.

Sidhi is checking Yashwant’s medicines. He wakes up and says I am sorry, I should have listened to you. Sidhi says I am your daughter so you don’t have to say sorry to me. You just have to take care of yourself now, take medicines on time. Shiva hides and hears all that. Yashwant says I am happy that your paper got canceled, someone leaked the paper and it benefited you. Sidhi says it was wrong, I know I got another chance but many students worked hard to give the exam, they travel from a far so whoever did it was wrong, he shouldn’t have leaked the paper. Yashwant sees outside the room and asks him to come inside. He asks where were you? Were you going Akka Bai’s work? Sidhi says he brought the doctor. Yashwant grabs his ear and says don’t be late, take Sidhi to her exam on time tomorrow. He grabs his arm and Shiva winces in pain. Sidhi notices it.

Shiva sits in the garden and is wearing a vest. Soni comes there and sees a bruise on his arm, she asks how did this happen? He says it’s nothing. Soni says someone leaked Sidhi’s exam paper and it got postponed. Where were you today? Shiva says I was doing Akka Bai’s work with Jalwa. Soni says I called him and he was not with you. Shiva says don’t question me. Soni asks him to not lie, whoever wants to earn money by leaking the paper would do it 2-3 days ago so they can earn a lot but why would anyone leak the paper just half an hour before the exam?

You were not here when baba was ill. Were you involved in all this? Shiva moves away and says her paper was in Pune and I was here in the village. Soni says just tell me the truth, what did you do? The flashback shows how Shiva got the paper from the assistant and asked him to call the police in 15 minutes. He tells Soni that he leaked the paper so the exam would get postponed. Shiva says I ran away from the police and got hurt. Soni says do you have an idea what you did? Shiva says I did everything in my life that I think is right, we have to go out of the way for something good. Soni says you would have gone to jail for this. Shiva looks away. Soni smiles and thinks he loves Sidhi a lot, this is the proof. Shiva says don’t tell Sidhi about this otherwise.. Sidhi comes there and says otherwise what? Shiva and Soni get tensed. Sidhi glares at him and says you thought I wouldn’t know about this? Baba lied and now you are lying?

What is all this? Shiva says it was not my intention. Sidhi says Vijiya told me everything so don’t lie, where did you get hurt? Shiva says you were talking about my bruise? She says yes. She asks him to sit down and says who keeps the wound open? You are so senseless. You are hurt and you don’t care. She sits beside him with first aid and cleans his wound. They both look at each other, gustakhiyan plays. Shiva smiles seeing her concern for him. Soni says I have to watch my serial now, hero-heroine take care of each other but they don’t say it, let’s see what happens. She leaves from there. Sidhi asks Shiva to take care of his wound. She starts to leave but says mention not, Shiva smiles. Sidhi leaves. Shiva says thank you.

Soni meets Jalwa and says they both care about each other so much but they don’t confess.

Mangala tells Vailash that God doesn’t help us against this girl.

Jalwa tells Soni that they will go for the exam, they will be alone there so we can plan something.

Vailash tells Mangala that I will make a solid plan this time, she won’t be able to go for her exam.

In the morning, Shiva tells Jalwa that I will go in the morning tomorrow. We will back by afternoon. Jalwa says the app on my phone showed that the weather will be bad tomorrow in Pune so I think you should leave tonight only. Shiva says you are right, I don’t want to take chances, I should ask her first. Jalwa says it’s cloudy already, her exam is important so just leave today only. Shiva says you are right. He goes from there. Jalwa calls Soni and says I have convinced Shiva.

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