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Bawara Dil 13th April 2021 Shiva comes to Sidhi and glares at her. He sits on his bonnet. The traffic jam happens, people ask them to move away. They keep glaring at each other. A man comes to Shiva and asks him to take aside his car. Shiva grabs him and pins him down. Sidhi gets worried and sits in the car. Shiva drives away.

Shiva stops the car at her college. Sidhi gets down and her shoe breaks. He says we will buy a new one, Sidhi says no need, I can walk without shoes too. She takes off the shoes and throws them in his car. Shiva says go and leaves from there. Sidhi stands in the line shoeless. She gets the form. Shiva comes to her and asks if her work is done? She says I need a copy. Shiva brings a shoebox that has her repaired shoes. He says wear it as your feet will burn. Sidhi says why do you care? It’s my feet so don’t show your concern, I don’t need them. Shiva says fine, he throws them in the bin. Sidhi angrily leaves from there. Bai calls Shiva and says you have to go to Pune tomorrow to bring a file. Shiva says I am in Pune. Bai says so stay there today and get the file tomorrow. He ends the call and says I can send Sidhi back alone. He gets Yashwant’s call, he asks if the work is done? Shiva says Bai called for some work so I will stay here but Sidhi can go back. Yashwant says she will come back alone? How will she travel? You both will come back together. Shiva says she won’t listen to me. Yashwant says learn from me, pacify her. Shiva says I can’t do that. Yashwant says you can’t do the sin of sending her back alone, he ends the call. Shiva looks on.

Sidhi gets the photocopies and is leaving but Vinay comes there. Sidhi is stunned to see him. She recalls how he recorded her confession and leaked it for money. Sidhi slaps him hard. Vinay says listen to me. Sidhi shouts that you call yourself a friend? When you were making my video, you didn’t remember what would happen to me? You made fun of our friendship, you should be called an enemy, I am ashamed to call you a friend, you know what your actions did to me? What I am going through. Shiva comes there. Sidhi says I am the wife of the person who I hated the most, my life got destroyed, my dreams broke, Gaurav left me forever. Sidhi turns to see Shiva standing there. Sidhi tells Vinay to look at him, I had to get married to this man, everything finished. She asks Vinay how much money did he get? You never thought about me, Vinay says I did it for your benefit, I am really sorry. Shiva comes near them and holds Sidhi’s hand. He says let’s go. Sidhi glares at Vinay and leaves with Shiva.

Scene 2
Shiva brings Sidhi to a hotel. Sidhi says why are we here? We are not going back? Shiva says we have to stay here the night, Sidhi says I am not staying, I am leaving alone. She gets down from the car but Shiva grabs her hand. He says I have some work in Pune, you still have the form to fill, baba won’t like it if your work is not done. If we stay here till tomorrow then our works will be done. He says look at yourself, you are tired, walked the whole day without shoes, you must be exhausted. Sidhi takes her hand back and is surprised. She looks away. Shiva says I don’t want to worry you, I have booked the room so you can go inside and order food, then you can rest. Sidhi looks on. Shiva says please keep the room lights on, I will be back late. He leaves from there. Sidhi starts walking but turns to look at him.

Sidhi comes into the room and is tired. She gets dizzy and says why don’t I feel good? She looks at the shoeboxes there. She opens to find multiple options there.

Shiva is driving and recalls Sidhi’s words. He starts driving faster and recalls how she said he destroyed her life. Shiva gets stopped by the police. The inspector asks if he is drunk as he is rash-driving. Shiva says I am in a hurry, I don’t drink. They check his car and find some weapons like hockey and a machete. The inspector says we will arrest you. Shiva says I didn’t do anything, he gives them his license. Shiva says I came to fill the form in the college. The inspector says you don’t look educated. Shiva says I came with my wife, she had to fill the form. The inspector asks him to call his wife. Shiva says I don’t have her number. The inspector says we will arrest you. Shiva says you can call the hotel, she is in 204 room number. The inspector calls the hotel and it goes to Sidhi. Sidhi takes the call, the inspector asks if her name is Sidhi Lashkare? She says my name is Sidhi Ishwar. The inspector asks if Shiva is your husband? Sidhi says yes, unfortunately. The inspector says we are taking your husband to the police station, you can come there, he ends the call. Sidhi says don’t know what he did now. I am not even feeling well.


Bawara Dil 14th April 2021 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva is driving fast and hits a woman. He rushes to her and says you?

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Telecast Date:13th April 2021
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