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Bawara Dil 11th June 2021 Sidhi calls the doctor and says baba’s fever is not coming down. She says okay and ends the call. Shiva comes there and says we still have time to leave for your exam. Sidhi says I am not going anywhere. Shiva says your year will go to waste. Sidhi says it’s okay, life has taken a lot from me but this is my decision and I am not going to change it. She leaves. Shiva says if she is stubborn then I am too. Jalwa brings bike keys so Shiva goes from there.

Sidhi sits with Yashwant. Mangala stops her and says don’t feed him anything. Soni says she is taking care of him and you are angry with her? Mangala says she is touching him that’s why he is ill, she asks her to get lost. Sidhi gives her the medicines and leaves.

Sidhi comes to the balcony and cries.

Shiva comes to Sidhi’s college. He meets the assistant there and says I have some important favor to ask from you. He sees the boxes and says it has exam papers right? Assistant says yes. Shiva says can you give some papers to me? I have to give them to some students.

Shiva covers his face and comes to the students. He opens the envelope and gives them the paper. He tells the students that I have paper for the French exam which is going to happen in an hour. The student says he’s lying. Shiva says leave it then. Shiva says you can pay me 500rs if you want to give the paper without studying.

Sidhi looks at the time and says Yashwant is awake but I can’t go for the exam now. Soni comes there and says Yashwant is awake, come inside, he is calling you. Sidhi goes to Yashwant and says you are totally fine now, don’t be careless now. Yashwant asks her to go for her exam. Sidhi says I can’t reach on time now, it’s fine. I can give the exam next year, don’t worry. Yashwant says it’s my fault, you lost your year because of me. Sidhi says the exam is not more important than you. Don’t curse yourself over it. Mangala whispers to Kaka that it’s good she couldn’t go. Mangala eyes Sidhi so she moves away.

Shiva takes money and leaks Sidhi’s paper. The police come there so Shiva runs from there. He jumps from the wall and runs away.

Sidhi calls Ishwar and tells him everything. Ishwar says you are my daughter, you put family first which I liked. Sidhi says I have learned this from you. She ends the call and looks at the time. Kaka and Mangala come there. Mangala taunts that exam time has ended, hahaha. They both make fun of her. Sidhi glares at them and leaves. Mangala evilly laughs.

Scene 2
Sidhi is crying in her room and looks at her books. She recalls how Shiva brought them, how he brought the hall ticket. How she worked so hard to study for the exam. Shiva comes there and sees her crying while hugging her book. He asks how is Yashwant? Sidhi wipes her tears and says he is fine, where did you go? Shiva says I had some work of Akka Bai, what did the doctor say? Sidhi says she asked him to rest. Ishwar calls Sidhi and says there is good news, your exam got canceled. Sidhi says what? What happened? Ishwar says someone leaked the papers so the exam will happen a day after tomorrow, you have another chance. Sidhi gets happy and says my year won’t be wasted, she ends the call and tells Shiva my exam got postponed. She gets excited and is about to hug him but stops. Shiva tries to not show any reaction. Sidhi holds his arm which he had hurt while running away from the police. He winces. Sidhi asks if he is not happy? Shiva says I am so happy. Sidhi says I should go and tells Yashwant. She runs from there. Shiva thinks I do what I want to happen.

Mangala calls the scrape seller and asks Sidhi to give her books to him. Sidhi says what? Mangala says those books are useless now so we can sell them now. Soni says what are you saying? Mangala says she can buy a radio after selling her books. Sidhi says I would have to sell the books but my exam got canceled, it will happen the day after tomorrow and I will go for it.

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