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Barister Babu 8th June 2021 Episode starts with Thakumaa saying I couldn’t catch Roopa. Anirudh recalls her words and enters the house. Rimjhim says Anirudh has come, I think he forgot your condition. Anirudh says I didn’t forget the condition, I want to talk to her in private. She asks him to leave. Anirudh says I know the secret of Roopa’s murder. Bondita smiles. Anirudh says if you want to talk in front of everyone, then… Thakumaa asks him to come. She lies to him. He says I know you have killed Roopa where the women take bath, Bihari has seen it. She says you are lying, what was Bihari doing there. He says he was washing clothes, he had seen you pushing Roopa in the pool, you tried to ruin the evidence. Thakumaa says I didn’t do anything, Roopa was a man in disguise, don’t know why did he enter my house, there are girls and women in my house, he broke my trust.

He says he did wrong with you, but this truth won’t change that you killed his life, you are a criminal, a murderer, I didn’t come to scare you, you will need a barrister if you want to get saved. He thinks I know you don’t know to read, my card will always remind you what you did with Roopa. He gives his card. He says I know you will never come to my house, you can come and meet me at the library, I hope we will meet soon, I need to talk to Bondita, send her. She says never, Bondita will never meet you. She recalls his words and says I will send her. Thakumaa asks Bondita to go and talk to Anirudh. Bondita smiles and goes. Sumati says you said they both shouldn’t meet, you have let Bondita meet him, what happened, how did everything change.

Bondita goes to Anirudh. He smiles. She says I m confused, I m happy that your drama has come to an end. He says Thakumaa will change and her thinking will also change, you just see, Roopa’s secret should never come out, I will change her, then a new story will be written in her life. She asks him to do that soon, then she will feed him the sweets. He says fine, but keep Roopa’s secret a secret. She smiles.

Thakumaa sees Anirudh’s card. She says I hate him, but I have to take his help and make him my barrister. Shomik and Rimjhim go talking. She says Thakumaa will get angry on you, if she knows our truth. The card flies outside. Thakumaa goes and switches on the lights. Thakumaa comes and removes the beard and fake wig. She sees Shomik. She gets shocked. She says you both are playing this game behind my back. She scolds them. She beats Shomik with a stick. Everyone comes. Thakumaa lectures him. She says my family lied to me. She asks Shomik and Rimjhim to leave her house. She says the girls won’t go with you, they will stay here. Bondita and Sumati stop Thakumaa. They request Thakumaa to forgive Shomik and Rimjhim. Thakumaa says fine, you can stay here for a night, you both have to leave this house tomorrow.

Its morning, Thakumaa prays. She thinks why are people staring at me, do they know that I had killed Roopa. Bondita comes to meet Anirudh at the library. She says Thakumaa got to know Shomik’s truth. Thakumaa also comes there to meet. Bondita sees her coming and hides. Thakumaa sees Anirudh. He says don’t worry, no one comes to the library at this time, its just you and me. Thakumaa says I can’t go jail leaving my family, this secret shouldn’t come out. Anirudh says don’t worry, think I have shut my mouth, but I have three conditions. She asks what conditions. He says you will not let your family break, you won’t remove Rimjhim and Shomik from the house. She asks how do you know what’s happening in my house.

He says your kothi window opens in my house, I get to know everything, do you accept the first condition. She says fine. He says good, second condition is for Trilochan, you will tell Mukhiya that you are taking back the condition of cutting my hands. She says I didn’t cut your hands when you came to my house. He says yes, its just for Trilochan’s sake. She says landlords don’t have a heart. He says they do have, you have to see it. She says you can’t imagine what I have seen. He says third condition, you will send Bondita with me to the Roy Choudhary haveli.

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Telecast Date:8th June 2021
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