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Barister Babu 7th September 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh stepping back and crying. He sees Trilochan. He says you want me not to go to Bondita, else you will get all the girls married, fine, I take my decision back, I will not go to Bondita, I will not go to hold her hand and support her, I will not go to wipe her tears and become her support, I will not go to complete my love. He thinks forgive me Bondita. Bondita sits crying. Everyone sees her. Thakumaa says its good Chandrachur reached there and got Bondita back, everything will be fine now. Sumati says take her away, I m not her mum. Chandrachur says don’t be stone-hearted, Anirudh did this. Sumati says she had sworn on me, she should get punished for breaking the promise, not that Anirudh, she had run away from the house, why shall I accept her. Tupur signs no. Bondita recalls. She cries.

Chandrachur says I m sorry for her mistakes, you scold her, beat her, don’t turn away. Sumati says let her die. She slaps Bondita. She asks her to do justice with herself now. She says you fell weak in love, you did barristry from London, you have lost to Anirudh today, he had thrown you away like a shoe. Sampoorna says forgive me Anirudh, I broke your heart, you are really a great man, these people don’t have a right to be called humans, you sacrificed your love for Shashwati and the girls. She cries. Anirudh holds her. He says until I m alive, child marriage won’t happen with any girl, I can leave my love or give my life, I won’t step back.

Sumati asks Bondita did he touch you, did anything happen between you too, is there any stain on you, swear on me, no, I won’t make you swear, you cheated me before also, I don’t trust you. She goes. Bondita cries. Anirudh and Bondita think of each other. They cry. Its morning, Thakumaa says we are getting defamed. Chandrachur says why would we get defamed, Bondita didn’t do anything, Bondita you file a case on Anirudh, we are the witnesses, set such an example that no guy dumps a girl by making false promises. He gives her papers. Bondita thinks of Anirudh. He thinks Anirudh, you made Bondita a barrister, I made her stand against you.

Trilochan says I m very happy to get rid of Bondita, we will call Mukhiya and villagers here, we will tell them that Anirudh eloped with Bondita, he spent some days with him and then left her, Thakumaa and Bondita will be defamed. Somnath goes. Chandrachur gets shocked reading the paper. He asks are you in your senses. Bondita says yes, I m in my senses, I have written a hundred times that I love Anirudh and he loves me, I have written this on my heart and soul, I will live and die for him. Sumati slaps her and scolds. Bondita says love doesn’t end, you asked me if Anirudh touched me, yes, he has touched me.

Thakumaa and Chandrachur get angry. Bondita says he didn’t touch my body, but my heart and soul, he stamped with love, he didn’t take any advantage of me, I m pure, because our love is pure. Thakumaa says person gets blind in love, if Anirudh loved you Bondita, then he would have not left you, stop entertaining yourself with fake excuses. She tears the papers. Bondita picks the papers. She says its not an excuse, its a belief, I trust Anirudh, he can’t leave me alone, he can’t do wrong with me, never. Anirudh comes and says don’t dare to step ahead Somnath, I won’t let anyone stain Bondita’s character, I love her, she is my worship, my puja, Karm, Dharm, my friend and partner of births. Bondita says he is my past, present and future, he is my teacher, protector, friend and everything, I love him and will always do. Anirudh says I love Bondita a lot. Trilochan says don’t take her name.

Anirudh asks how shall I not take her name, she is in my every breath, none can separate us, you stopped our marriage, you can’t stop me from loving her. Bondita says he is in my veins, how will you remove him from my blood. Anirudh says Bondita will always be mine, my soul is with Bondita. Sampoorna plays the shank and comes there. Jai durga….plays… Bondita goes to the temple and prays. She takes the holi/kumkum and pours on herself. Thakumaa stops everyone. Sampoorna gives the aarti to Anirudh. Anirudh takes the kumkum and applies to his face. He says this sindoor colour is a symbol of my love for Bondita, we have become two bodies, one name, one life. Bondita thinks our relation is blessed by Durga maa, no one can break it. Anirudh says I hope Bondita trusts me, I will win her trust, I will tell her why I had to return from Chandan nagar. Trilochan worries.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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