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Barister Babu 7th January 2021 Episode starts with Bondita saying Anirudh will come, nothing will happen to him, he went to do a good work. She says this girl is wrong, she is the bad shadow on Anirudh, she has come to do bad, she is acting to be Shubra Maa. Trilochan says enough, I don’t want to hear this. Binoy asks why, Bondita is repeatedly saying the same that this girl is wrong, this girl knows where is Anirudh, give her to police, we will know all the truth. The girl says no. Bondita says yes, she knows everything. She goes to the girl and asks who is your aide, tell me, where is Anirudh.

Munshi comes running. He gets Anirudh on his back. Everyone gets shocked. Trilochan asks what happened to Anirudh. They see his head bleeding. They cry. Binoy asks Anirudh to open eyes. He asks Somnath to call a doctor. Somnath calls a doctor. Munshi says I don’t know what happened, I was going to board the train to Vrindavan, I was Anirudh fallen unconscious, Saurabh gave his life for Anirudh, I felt I m seeing Saurabh dying again. Trilochan says nothing will happen to him. Munshi says don’t know who did this to him. Bondita says I won’t let anything happen to her.

Binoy asks her not to worry. He asks Munshi was there anyone. Munshi says no, I will kill the person if I come to know. The girl says I knew something wrong will happen, its fine, I will convince Devi Maa by keeping fast for Anirudh. Bondita asks Anirudh to get up and talk to her. She asks him to say what should she do now. She recalls his words. She says we had to keep this secret and find the truth, get up. Doctor says his head injury will be fine, I checked him, his pulse is low, his life is in danger. Binoy says it will be according to injury. Doctor says no, did you think he is unwell since some days. Trilochan says yes, he was feeling tired, he said his sleep wasn’t getting enough, he is stubborn. Doctor asks did anything come in his food. Trilochan says no. Binoy asks is this not a change, this is the girl who had fed him kheer, don’t know what she added in it. The girl worries.

She says you are doubting me, kheer fell down from my hands yesterday. Trilochan says yes, don’t doubt her. She says Bondita got the second bowl from Sampoorna. Trilochan thinks Sampoorna….. Munshi signs the girl. Trilochan goes to Sampoorna and asks her to leave the house. She asks why. He says you are a widow, you are bad for our house, get out of here. He drags her and says never come in this haveli again. Binoy asks what are you doing. Trilochan says I m making this bad shadow out. Binoy says think of it, Anirudh took responsibility of this girl, where will she go, let her stay till he gets conscious. Bondita says don’t send her out, Anirudh and I promised to take her responsibility. Trilochan insults Sampoorna.

He says I had seen this widow getting angry seeing Anirudh and Bondita laughing. Bondita thinks how can she get jealous of my happiness, she is good, she wants good for me and Anirudh. He says you are too young to understand anything, stay away from her shadow. He asks Sampoorna to get out. Bondita says Lord made her a widow, but we are making her unlucky, I see my loving sister in her, she used to give me her clothes, toys and jewellery, she gave her husband to save Anirudh and me. She cries. He says stop supporting her, look at Anirudh, doctor isn’t able to say his illness, how will we get him treated, she has done black magic on Anirudh. The girl says don’t worry, I will do big puja and keep tough tapasya for saving Anirudh. He says a mum can get her son’s life back. She says I will change his fate if needed. She acts to cry. Munshi signs her.

Sampoorna pours kerosene on herself. Bondita comes to stop her. Sampoorna says everyone thinks I m unlucky, its right if I die, I don’t want to live. The girl does tapasya. She recalls Munshi’s words. She thinks to give third dose of poison to Anirudh. Trilochan comes. She acts to do tapasya. Trilochan gets emotional. She says this time, the battle is between two mothers, you have to return my child to me. Trilochan says Maa has sent Shubra to protect Anirudh. Munshi thinks Sampoorna will become Sati and Anirudh will also die. He smiles. He says sorry but there is one solution to make Sampoorna away from haveli. Trilochan asks him to say it fast. Munshi says why don’t you get her remarried and send her away. Bondita says Saurabh gave his life to save us, you got sorrow because of us, you aren’t unlucky, if you stay happy then Saurabh will stay happy, don’t upset Saurabh by crying. Sampoorna asks where will I go. Bondita hugs her. They cry. Bondita prays that she gets strength, she can’t let anything wrong happen with Sampoorna and Anirudh.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
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