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Barister Babu 5th January 2021 Episode starts with Anirudh eating the kheer brought by Bondita. The girl smiles. She recalls Bondita going to kitchen to get kheer. The girl distracts Sampoorna and enters the kitchen. She adds the poison in the kheer and goes from the window. FB ends. Anirudh eats the poisonous kheer. Munshi looks on and smiles. Trilochan says its last day for Shubra’s fast, there will be big puja tomorrow, Bondita be ready for it. Anirudh and Bondita agree. Trilochan asks Bihari to get prasad ready and call the dhol artists as well, everyone should know about the puja, Shubra’s fast will complete. Anirudh will not fall in risk. Anirudh gets dizzy. He falls on the sofa. Bondita asks what happened to you. He says nothing, I m fine, don’t worry. She asks really. He says yes.

He says focus on maha puja tomorrow. She says I will keep an eye on her, I will not miss her moves and try to catch her mistakes. He smiles and says yes Bondita, like a barrister, but we have to get proof, when Kaka, that girl and others celebrate the festive tomorrow, we will go to that girl’s room and try to know how does she know all this about mum. She says yes.

The girl says what shall I do, Munshi is out of Tulsipur, how shall I get the third dose of poison, who can help me. Munshi shaves his face. He says Munshi has gone to Vrindavan, now Suganda Bai will be coming in maha puja. He laughs. He gets ready in feminine avatar. He says Anirudh was acting smart, what does he think, I don’t know why he was sending me to Vrindavan, to get Shubra’s clothes and diary, Anirudh won’t get anything, everyone knows that her diary was burnt with her, no one knows that her diary and letters were with me, I knew I may use it some day, I m Munshi after all, I have to use the same diary, I can’t count on that girl, Roy Choudharys have snatched my son, I will snatch their son, they will know my pain tomorrow.

The girl thinks what to do, he will be angry if I don’t do the work. Everyone prays in the temple. Bondita says everyone has come in puja. Trilochan says we will just do the puja and go to big temple, Anirudh come with me and touch the things for donation. Anirudh gets dizzy. He goes. He stops see Munshi. Munshi thinks is everything fine, does she need my help in doing the work.

Anirudh touches the things. Bondita looks around. Munshi goes away. Bondita sees him and thinks such feet are of men, I will go and ask who is that woman. She asks who are you, I m Bondita, are you Vrinda Kaki’s neighbor. He nods. She says fine, but she went to city to get her son treated. He thinks from where did this girl come. She asks are you shy to talk to me, its fine, I will lift your ghunghat and see your face, I know everything in this village. He worries. Surmani falls down and screams. She signs Munshi to go. Bondita goes to help her. Surmani says I will be fine. Bondita asks her to rest.

Bondita goes to see Munshi. Bondita says where did that woman go. Munshi goes to the girl and says its me, who had called you to this haveli for work. The girl asks how do I believe you. Munshi asks does anyone else know about it. She says I can’t believe you. He says its me, Munshi. She says you…. He says you know me now. She says yes. He says you are also smart like Bondita, so I chose you. She says I m more smarter than Bondita, I need your help, I want the poison. He asks why. She says Anirudh dropped the kheer, I had given him poison from third packet. Bondita goes to tell Anirudh. Munshi smiles and says fine, I will meet you and give you the poison, this time, nothing should go wrong, Anirudh has to die today. Anirudh says we will go to that girl’s room and search, we will prove that she is a fraud.

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